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  • Yes. DX
    Long story short, I got fed up with P+M, deleted the RPG club, and left. Coming back later only to hear that everyone created a new RPG group and was happy that I was back.
    (I came back cause' I remembered what you asked me: "Are you a weenie, or are you Icyrose?")

    Good, except for the fact my rival thinks I like him. xD
    I really love it.
    I'm not blaming you guys for anything. And yeah, I apoligy, and guess who didn't except it? And I got kick off that stupid club, for using 'foul lainguage'
    You again, act high, mighty and all. Well guess what, you're no better then me.
    Again with the EV training. -.-;
    Everybody tries to breed and train their Pokemon to perfection.

    Jeremy event?
    You mean in the May Club?
    You're not logging onto SPPF anymore?
    But- why?
    I can trade with you!
    I have a level 60 Empoleon, and a Level 60 Flareon.
    What did you- nevermind.

    It's okay.
    Psyrose is in High School and she joined, but you don't have to if you don't want to.
    If it's Jun you're talking about, I'm not going to make up with her.
    It's simple:

    We were friends, and now we aren't.
    I don't care what she does anymore, it just better not be a continuation of the RPG.
    Once an RPG dies, it's dead.
    She said it herself, she doesn't want anymore stress. So, she should just create a new Pokemon RPG somewhere else, with a different plot and stuff.
    Well, I like the name Wolfkit (because WolfFang would be a grea warrior name) but other then that, I got nothing.
    I'm Icyrose.
    I'll stay....
    *Deletes Mew-Mew from friends list*
    That had to be done...
    Yada Yada Yada, you're always like that. It's true, ut it's too much for a 10 years old kid! It takes times for them to actually learn that. Like when they told us that we're not here because the birds brought us here, because our parents have sex, do they tell us about that when we were kids? No.
    She is just a child, with a fragile heart. Imagine, when you were younger, can you stand it if someone told you that thing?
    I won't get involved.
    I don't want to be all nosy like i was before... Yeah, sorry for that. ^^;

    Anyway, have you joined the Ghost Typle Lovers group, yet?
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