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Dragon Trainer X

I'm a high honors kid trying to make it through high school. I take interest in Japanese and Korean music the most, and I'm a brony at heart. It's a good show, there's nothing boring or bad about it, and that's why I'm a fan. I'm good at video games, yet it's like they help me get good grades. I am mostly fond of Pokémon, Rhythm Thief, and Fighting is Magic (details in sig).

I am happy to be part of such a great community, with so many friendly, cheerful, and accepting people. I'm happy I joined.

Think you can take me on in KI:U, MK7, or Pokemon? Bring it on, and I shall give you a run for your money :)

I enjoy MK7, KI:U, listening to Vocaloid Music, and I love watching our hawks and falcon.
...where DO I live?
Favourite Pokémon
To pass the time, I play baseball (All-Stars), fol



You looked. Your curiosity has been piqued!

I have claimed Chance by UVERworld!​