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  • It was too late to reply to this in the Fifth Gen Thread, but I did just wanna defend my point xD

    Only the 3rd generation counts for your point, as to make evolution of already existing pokemon, you need already existing pkemon, which there wasn't in the 1st generation.
    I was also using Second and Fourth Gen as part of the pattern. Obviously First Gen was totally unique, Second Gen added a lot of Evolution and pre-evolutions. Third Gen introduced a lot of new Pokemon and Fourth Gen again introduced many new evolutions and pre-evolutions.
    Yeah, I saw. And I'm a lot worse a battler than a ref. Trust me. I'd like to think I'm getting somewhat better, though.
    I explained to you that you would be allowed on the condition that you would never plagiarise again. And that should you plagiarise once again, you would be banned from the contest.

    The contest before this one that you entered was a 3-sprite scratch starter evolution series which you stole from a user of another pokemon forums site. i was informed a few weeks after the incident by the original owner of the sprites.

    As such, you are banned from entering the WSC.
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