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  • Ah, I like the names you seem to went your friends to call you. I'm fine with whatever people call me, although... I do expect respect and no rudeness.. as, I am pretty nice :3

    I call you Star :D

    You can call me some names... I prefer Darkness, Absol, Sol, Starrlight (My Staravia in my Nuzlocke), Soul, Alma... maybe my real name, Destiny. Just maybe.
    Cowboy Bebop is great. So many people including me name it as the best anime series ever.

    you can just see Brotherhood before the original. Brotherhood is better (64 episodes), but you should still watch the original afterwards anyway (51 episodes).
    Altogether, that's 115 . . . . xD
    Ah, that makes sense for him to be a heavyweight, given how big he is. I never understood why people always thought Ridley was too big to be in Smash.
    Well, King K.Rool is the main villain in the Donkey Kong franchise. It's a shame Rare ended up leaving Nintendo, as I found some of there best games to be the ones they did for the N64.
    Also, here's my Brawl FC whenever you have to time to add it: 4984-2863-3043

    omg wut.
    you've never seen FMA . . . ? or are you too lazy to re-watch lol
    but, srsly, FMA: Brotherhood is undoubtedly the second-best anime ever
    The first is Cowboy Bebop
    It'd be interesting to see how Ridley would work as a character, as he usually gets around by flying. And I think King K.Rool might be owned by Rare. Even though he's a character from the Donkey Kong franchise, he never appeared in Donkey Kong Country Returns, which is the only DKC game I know of not made by Rare.
    well yeah, I see why, it's pretty complex and there's lots of things to wonder about

    The whole time I've seen Liz and Patty in the anime, they've never worn cat ears, so I'm confused where your friend got that pic lol
    If they did wear cat ears, I don't think I would be able to stand them though :I
    but on another note, I decided to re-watch FMA Brotherhood :D YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
    Ah, I see. I'm assuming when they release SSB4, we can expect to see Victini join all the other cute legendaries as a Pokéball Pokémon.
    a psychologist? so you think you could work with patients and do that stuff? xD
    I already know what kind of career I'd have . . . something to do with graphic design
    but when I was younger, I wanted to be an ambulance driver, because I thought that they could drive as fast as they wanted all the time lol

    I'm confused.
    now that you know that they have cat ears, are you relieved or what . . . . ?
    You know, I've been wondering if Deoxys had the same appearance rate as Mew and friends, since it is an event only legendary. But, then again, Deoxys doesn't drop goodies like they do (neither does Manaphy though).
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