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  • Hey, you did an article about damage calculation here:

    But I can't seem to figure out how you came about 44.9...I've done the math over and over and I keep getting 120.56. In fact me and a friend have both tried figuring it out yet neither of us can seem to figure it out. Just thought I might point that out.
    Can you help out here
    i want an to breed eevee with flawless IV: HP SPA SPE
    I have these flawless IVs :
    eevee SPE
    eevee SPA
    eevee SPE and SPA
    eevee HP, SPA, and DEF

    they are all males

    and i have separate dittoes with flawless IVs one for each stat

    but im stuckk on what to breed now can you help?
    Just a question. If, for example, an Onix is being
    EV trained in HP and it has both Pokerus and a Power Weight, and is battling a Bidoof, would it gain 6 HP EVs or 10? (I'm not sure if Pokerus doubles the final amount gained with the Power Weight and the EV given by Bidoof (1), or if the the EV given is doubled and then the 4 is given by the Weight)

    can you take a pokemon that youve bred with the correct IV, and then give it an EXP. Share and just give it to a OT and then train through the elite four without getting any EVs for the bred pokemon?

    thanks for your answer
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