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  • It's alright ^^ And thank you!

    Hmmm, I like the move 'Dragon Ascent.' It sounds cool and it is a flying type move :D
    But, he does look a little weird, IMO.
    Thanks ^_^. I finally set up my PayPal today, so I'm almost ready to open up commissions on DeviantArt and stuff. As for Handle with Care, chapter ten's been up for some months now. Haven't made much progress with chapter eleven.

    Even so, it's still unbelievable how much crap gets through regardless of all these rules (which I think some if not most of these rules have a lot of holes in them anyway, or some mastermind's pulling strings to only affect certain people).
    (continued from previous post, ran out of characters, lol)

    I kinda want Diancie too, but I fear she'll be one of those events that you have to go to a specific place for to get. I hate those. I live in the middle of nowhere and I can't really be bothered to spend a whole day away from home just to get a Pokémon they could have gifted on global wi-fi instead. I don't really mind getting them in the PokéCenter, I'm just happy if I can get an event Pokémon at all.
    Lol, to me Mega Sceptile is... OK. But then there's Mega Swampert, and I love his design. He looks so cool. :D Swampert's always been kinda defensive (right?), so it being chunky really fits well in my opinion. He looks like something that will be able to shrug off attacks like it's nothing and then strike back with a mega punch to the face. Like, BAAAM!!! Lol. :D I'll definitely go with Mudkip again in the remakes.
    It's kinda strange, but I think the thing I'm looking forward most with the remakes is hearing the new soundtrack. I loved the music in Ruby/Sapphire, I can't wait to hear the new versions on the 3DS.
    I always had a Pokémon with Quick Attack with me so they could at least do something if they were behind me. But other times they were next to an enemy and getting hurt a lot, but they don't run and get killed. Or they don't use the move super-effective against the enemy. And micro-managing orders takes so many menu clicks I usually don't bother. I've been playing a Gates to Infinity some more lately (I'm liking it), and the AI seems slightly better. Companions close in on enemies when they can and they use moves more smartly (like Sleep Powder only if the enemy is not asleep). I also like the faster gameplay, but then the thing dragging it down is the slow text scroll and mega slow level up messages. I wonder what they were thinking when they made it like that.
    I'm not sure if I agree on that the games are made 5-12 year olds. I think they're made for people of all ages, but with kids in mind. Much like Disney films. That's how I view Pokémon in general (the anime is an exception, though...) Like, they wouldn't have made the mechanics of the main games as deep as they did if they were solely aimed at kids.
    BTW, it's not emberassing at all to be attached to your Pokémon, I think that's awesome. :D I wish I was more attached to mine, but the thought of them only being pixels always comes up in my head and ruins it. :(
    I still don't agree on Mega Absol looking feminine (maybe the hair a little, but not the wings). When I look at one, I always see a male. Well sure, it's not as manly as like a Machamp, but certainly not girly either.
    Yeah, that's why I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to UC Berkeley. Highest ranked public university in the US and rival of sorts to Stanford without paying exorbitant amounts of money is tough to pass up. Above all, it's a good distance away from home without being too far to come home and visit.
    Thanks! :3 I thought I would change it up for a bit ^^

    X3 I have other games that are holding me over, such as Super Smash Bros 3DS and Samurai Warriors 4. Can't wait for them x3
    Pokemon needs to give us news quicker :/ It's almost boring to wait for them.

    Hmmm, my favorite? I love too many of them xD I actually like the Male Protagonist's first outfit, Oichi, Hanbei, Masamune (Duh), Ranmaru, etc.
    I agree, too much hair. And the Male's second and third outfit reminds me of Egypt for some reason.

    Hahahahahaha XD True! I wonder what would Batman and FE Robin would look like together, hmmm. xD
    Yay! :D

    I really like Cute and Beauty Pikachu. Something about them makes me go awwwww :3
    It will probably be solved once the game comes out

    Yea, I agree. Some do look overdone. I really like Nene's thought. Just changing it into a kimono looks amazing!

    Hahahahahaha, I was talking about a mage. Not a pretty awesome Batman sidekick xDDD
    Hahahahahaha, good call! I believe all those Pikachus are females xD

    Well, it will be one mystery never solved. Only he knows the truth

    Hahahahaha, they try to look like their Perfect Link by adding on features to resemble the Pokemon xD Cosplaying at it's finest~

    Well, I went crazy over Robin's reveal in Super Smash Bros. Robin is one of my favs xDDDDD
    More like Te-BUTT

    And SamorBUTT

    And SmugBUTT

    Hehe. >:D

    Just went out, pet a horse, snuggled up with a dawg (she's a secret agent) and now I'm eating Maltesers with a cold hot chocolutt. B)
    It's funny how the game made me like Bidoof in that, because normally I HATE Bidoofs (lol), they look so stupid. It made it kinda hard to take its story serious every time I saw that funny looking faceset of him in the dialogue, but in the end I really liked the story they gave him. I don't remember his story being that difficult, but I did have trouble with some of the parts in Sunflora's story, but I guess some of it comes down to how lucky you get with random elements. The random stuff that happens in the games does get frustrating sometimes, especially when you've exploring a dungeon for a long time and then something bad happens and you lose everything.
    I actually did play Explorers of Time before Sky, but I hadn't really played beyond the part with Phione, so at that point I hadn't met Team Charm yet. But yeah, no other videogame I've ever played managed to get me close to crying, but this one did, lol. I was like, dammit I can't believe I'm almost crying over a Pokémon game, that's not supposed to happen... T__T But I guess that's a good thing, because it shows how well the story and characters were done in the game.
    It's a shame there's been no sign of a Mystery Dungeon game for gen 6, probably because Gates to Infinity didn't do that great. :( I would love a game to play as a Fennekin, they're so... cute.
    I don't think Absol looks feminine; I always use he and him when I talk about Absol, even though the one I have in X/Y is a female. Didn't look at the gender when I caught her, it was the first Absol I encountered in X/Y, and it was love on first sight (not in that way, lol).
    So, have you been keeping up with the news about Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby?
    I'm going to look for a job. I'm shooting more for work that involves graphic design than filming since I went down the visual effects route and not productions.

    That's ridiculous. Even if it's to stop voter fraud or whatnot (even though it's obviously not doing jack since voter fraud still happens), those hurdles are insane.
    I'm an in-state student, but I go to UC Berkeley. It's a really nice place with an incredible reputation.
    Yes, yes. All according to plan. * Laughs evilly as Murkrow shouts HAIL GIOVANNI *

    I had a Typhlosion by the time I got to Whitney, so pretty everything that wasn't Clair (Whom I beat with my over-leveled Raikou) was pretty much a cakewalk, if you know what I mean.

    You're never going to know what happens in my mind until you agree to be my accomplice.
    The most underappreciated fruit.
    Cantaloupe is the best, in my opinion.
    Yes, you pass with flying colours. ^_^
    I'll let you know by surprise, you got that?

    I managed to solo Red with my Typhlosion cause OVERLEVELING IS FOR THE WIN. But yea, beating Red is my celebratory moment in the entire game.

    You wanna know what I'm gonna do?
    Don't forget the strong coconut trees. Poor coconuts. ;~;
    Hey, that's actually really nice. Cherche's hair IS Red in the games after all.

    Ah yes, the very nice Goal Roll.

    I like to think I'm attractive as well. ^.^
    People keep calling me exotic for some crazy reason.
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