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  • Yo!

    So last night I couldn't sleep, decided to look up something on your website, and ended up binging enough of said website that it spawned a multitude of things I wanted to talk to you about.

    But I have a couple questions:

    1. I have a bunch of fun/neutral topics and one "concern/insecurity" topic... So I'm planning on splitting the "fun" topics between two PMs and putting my concern in the middle so you only have to deal with my whining briefly before we get back to fun stuff. That OK?

    2. This, rather bizarrely enough, ties into one of the "fun" topics, but...

    Also, there will likely be at least one question about the evil team contest in there somewhere.

    Reply at your leisure. Now I need sleep.

    Well, it worked out perfectly. Hopefully a lot of other people share my enthusiasm and choose to enter something!
    Isn't the part of fandom that makes jokes about pokemon looking like penises... all of the fandom? I'm pretty sure it hasn't been long since I saw something on tumblr. Clearly you run in more mature circles. :p

    Yeah, to be fair, I couldn't figure out what was up with that from the text itself; it was only in your review where you said "I can't see any connection between Palkia and combusken besides being bipedal and having long necks" where I went, "...ehehehehe."
    Just wanted to note you don't have to review Crater Dreams 2.0 at this point if you don't want to. I've already learned a lot from the other reviewers (have you noticed how Truth is more character driven and had a bit more effort put into the emotional scenes?).

    If you still want to that's great but it's not something you should worry about.
    Oh, wow, that's awesome you two get to meet up with each other in real life! Enjoy your visit!
    I just saw your review of Truth a bit ago and THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    It's funny, when I was writing certain parts I was like "aaaaah, people are gonna tear this to shreds" so seeing you only had a few minor niggles was a huge confidence booster. I was especially glad you liked the Kyurem flashback because I had fun writing it but worried it wouldn't have the right emotional impact.
    Oh, you don't have to say anything, I totally know I'm right. >:]

    Ah, okay. 66-69 was the weird arc you were thinking of taking out because it was unnecessary except for wrapping some characters up?

    I know what you mean about the battles, haha. I enjoy writing them, but they take a lot more work/planning than normal prose. The next arc of Salvage has a lot of battles, and I've spent a lot of time staring grumpily at my notebook going "thbbbpppt" instead of writing them.
    I've actually technically experimented with human/Pokemon romances before, but all cases involved a Pokemon being turned human or vice-versa to minimize the Squick so I'm not sure that really counts.

    I've only watched part of the original ATLA, but I've heard good freinds say the same things as you about Korra, haha. But is it OK if I send you that list of crap I like I mentioned so we know what to talk about besides fanfic?
    Haha, thanks. Those aren't my worst posts ever, but yeah, I would do things... differently... today.

    I hope so! Maybe getting to all the reveals will get you excited to lay everything out and goad you into posting faster?

    btw, I intend to put together a longer post laying out the evidence for this, as well as discussing some of the implications for the larger plot and characters, after you post 65, but since I'm pretty confident about it and wouldn't want it to get revealed in the next chapter before it was clear that I'd figured it out ahead of time (because that is totally what I've done), I thought I'd actually share who I think the Destroyer is:

    btw, if you do end up deciding to reread some of the middle-ish Salvage chapters, you can see if you can figure out how Nate arranged for the Rockets to attack the protagonist outside Viridian City. I tried to work his stuff in there in such a way that once he eventually explains how he managed it anyone rereading should hopefully be able to see it in the text; you don't have the advantage of actually knowing what you're looking for, but since you know he's up to something, maybe you'll be able to figure it out anyway.
    Noted. I'll ask my RPing buddies, since that's the only place I've really done major romances.

    But yeah, Truth stars Reshiram and N. They have a strong platonic relationship and are also horribly dysfunctional people so I hope you enjoy it. (I'm assuming from some things you said you're as fond of highly-dysfunctional-but-ultimately-likable characters as I am.)

    (Also, you watch something ATLA-related! I should send you my list of stuff I'm into so I can actually talk to you about crap instead of me constantly badgering you for advice.)
    ...You know, even with my actually romantic couples I don't ever do the kinds of blatantly romantic things you mentioned aside from occasional kisses and cuddles because I find those kinds of things cheesy and not very believable and prefer to focus on who the characters actually are and their actual dynamic with each other in any relationship, romantic or otherwise. I don't like essentially sticking a giant neon sign over my couples' heads every few sentences saying LOOK THEY'RE IN LOVE; I prefer to be a bit more subtle than that.

    Unfortunately if what you just said about Crater Dreams is any indication I can sometimes be too subtle. >_<
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