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  • Heh, I'm glad to hear that. I noticed there was a pretty significant conservative bent to a lot of the responses in the thread, so I was a little bit hesitant about how my views would go over. Still, it's not every day you get to put lit. history courses to work on a fanfic topic, so I couldn't pass up on it in good conscience.
    Like you see, SPPF has home, forum, pokedex, rules, awards and what's new bellow the main banner. They are all equally spaced you see.
    Um, listen...If I am to make a navigation, how do I make sure every part of navigation is at equal distance??
    So, um. DF are there any chances we can revive the Web section? I mean I'm gonna need plenty of help. I also have a friend who is knowledgeable when it comes to web designing. We could try and help out if something could be done. It feels a bit awkward to always PM/VM you about small little problems.
    I might have gotten mad with power and organized a sizable army that I plan on using to take over half the known world via weaponized Pokémon fanfiction. Sorry about that.

    But for real, thanks so much, Dragonfree. :D I'll do my best to help out around the forums! o> (At the very least, now whenever someone asks me if I can look over their fic and tell them if it's rated R and therefore okay to post on Serebii, I can give them a straight answer. *sage nod*)
    I will be doing cancer biology. I'm both excited and nervous! We'll see how it goes :) It's impressive that you're still so active on your website and with your writing.
    Ah yes, the exam. You've always helped so much with that. Being busy in 'real life' shows you how valuable time is. I've obviously a lot of gratitude for all your help with such an undertaking. I'm about to started my PhD program (I know, right?!) so I definitely do not see the need or have the enthusiasm for yet another exam, heh. I hope you're doing well and that you're still enjoying writing :)
    Can't believe we've been here since 2004. I've obviously been away for large amounts of time, but from time to time I lurk around. Just wanted to say 'Hi' :)
    So I have already posted a chapter but i want the summary and notes(first one only) to be separated from the chapter. So can I do it now?
    Hello, Dragonfree.
    I have posted my story in the fanfiction section.
    i wanted to ask you that if I post a summary as a different post and the chapter as a different one, and they are both one after the other, would it be counted as double-posting and will I get an infraction becasue of that?
    Thanks! And cool. I'll never say no to free reviews/con-crit. I ought to get back to writing the first chapter.
    I got to the text box but it wouldn't save the change. Do you mind changing the story "The Sky's the Limit" to "Never in the Wrong Time or Wrong Place: The Sky's the Limit"? Thanks.
    Hi, I have a question about the Fan Fiction rules. I've recently posted a new story, but I've decided that I don't like the title that I posted it with. I tried changing the title by editing the post, but it didn't really work. Is there a way to change the title or should I just delete the thread and repost it with the correct title? I know the latter might be a bit iffy because it might seem like I'm reposting the story as a means of bumping it.
    Oh noes, they be stifling my ~freedom of expression,~ what is this.

    I figured that was probably the case, but I figured I'd ask. Thanks!
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