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  • Oh, thank you! I've been meaning to read yours too, going off the judges' reviews it sounds really good. Do you plan on posting it to the forum?
    lol, no problem. It was a pretty surreal thing to run across while I was browsing.
    Before I do anything else... I'd like to say congrats on getting first in Worlds Collide! You totally deserve it. As soon as I read your entry, I can see why all the judges placed you first in their rankings. I pretty much agree with their praise of your entry. It certainly...captures the spirit of the Pokémon franchise.
    I could probably just tell you elsewhere but what the hell I'll make it public - good luck in the contest! I already read your entry and quite liked it, so hope it does well!
    With all the frigging complications getting there (mainly the one lampshaded in the start of the bit containing the shenanigans you've seen) I am very much hoping so too.
    I actually have seen zilch spoilers, your mention of a murder being involved spoiled more than skimming the review replies. CONGRATULATIONS DRAGONFREE, YOU JUST PLAYED YOURSELF

    But good to hear your (female) Robin has an overall less problematic life than my (male, Fire Emblem-y) Robin. Being my Robin is suffering. :p
    Negrek: Oh my god Robin is not willing to let us forget about this subplot.

    You: NOPE.
    Is it wrong I read this and immediately thought of a certain Robin of mine from a certain somewhere you know about?

    It may be the fact he is currently being brainwashed/mind-controled into acting like an expy of a Star Wars villain and slowly turning into an eldritch abomination solely because he got trapped in not one but two unresolved subplots of his. (Hi, anyone else reading this VM! It makes slightly more sense in context.)
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