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  • Just random visits, really. I think about it every once in awhile, and sometimes when I think about it I even have time to come check stuff out :)
    Oh, I'm 'back', I suppose. Can't guarantee when I'll be on next though. Definitely not before Monday, but can't say that'll be when I come on again for sure...
    Who needs to learn how the job application process works when you can graph infinite degrees of exponential functions? It's not like the former is important anyway.

    Sorry for the late reply btw, I've been a bit too focused on preparing for nationals these days haha
    Very true. I'll still have to take the standard English classes though. Because nothing like 12 years of reading "American classics" prepares you for real life, right?
    Yeah it's a Yugioh channel, although I only post when I need to, not like once a day or anything. Also yeah I'm taking AP Computer Science, Psych, Human Geo, and Chem. Fun.

    Thanks bb
    I actually ended up making a new channel entirely because that one was inactive and I didn't really like the direction it was headed into. And I've been fine, just stumbling blindly backwards into AP tests and all. Hopefully they won't be too bad.

    Sorry for the late reply by the way, I usually check up a few times a week but I've been really involved with YuGiOh lately since I'm going to nationals.
    It's okay :) I think I remember you were an experienced competitive Pokémon player - back in 2013? Still are?
    not much just mostly downloading some music atm, about to sew up a costume soon more and playing fire emblem fates birthright about to finish it up actually soon and go on to revelations still thinking about the conquest path because I like to see what that path is all about they say its super hard or something but my boyfriend says it still easy just just not much level grinding thats it.
    Yeah, as far as ive heard, you still have it in you! Plus with the battling you've done. Since you've launched to Rank 1 you got 5 points + the amount you already have.
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