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Last Activity:
May 4, 2018
Aug 18, 2011
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New England
Taco Builder

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Artistically angry, from New England

Dragonicwari was last seen:
May 4, 2018
    1. MetalSonic

      oi you battled erron for a test, right?
      ill rank u up from egg + the points u already have
    2. MetalSonic
      hrm, sorry, cant unlock ya'll from the global bans. not within my power!

      and nope...do remember your shuckle stuff though!
    3. MetalSonic
      Who locked ya'll can you say?
    4. MetalSonic
      ohh i suppose thats somethin...
      also clear those PM's you SCALLYWAG
    5. MetalSonic

      whos a kik??
      chat on PS! kik is a nice alternative to, but i dont want us to stray too far away from battling each other and comp mons related things, yknow?
    6. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      That's the plan I'd say
    7. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      Yeah I'll convince Metal to make one now
    8. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™

      Yeah we have one but it's not too active because we only have 4 people. Kik me at swimminp00ls and I'll add you to that too
    9. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      Hmmm it might he the wrong person I messaged

      Metal will probably PM you about it. Agree with you on Kik though, been trying to convince her to use it
    10. Snorby
      ASB's a lot of fun, yeah XD
    11. MetalSonic
      I can PM you some

      yup! i didnt even know it still worked, i should get that outta my sigg ^^;
    12. MetalSonic
      laddering is angering, but rewarding if you get to your goal!

      Sometimes if we got stuff to talk about
      mostly we ramble on our secret chat and KIK. Ask Aura about that!

      hehh that explains it -w-
    13. AnakBaé
      My niga wari is alive!
    14. Conquer Phoenix
      Conquer Phoenix
      You came back to me I knew you would nobody leaves Nick
    15. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      I'll add you

      Yeah the ladder is somewhat cancerous. If Metal tells you about the chat we could meet up and fight
    16. MetalSonic
      ye! gotta get on it QUICK like REALLY QUICK

      O and clans in general are movin past xat! it just glitches too much and is too old
      reason we used to keep them xats was cause it was easy for clans to get into contact each other for wars but that war stuff doesnt happen 2 much anymore, but im tryin to bring it back!

      how r u?
    17. Snorby
      I'm doing pretty well. Mostly play ASB now, though I still play a bit of showdown here and there.
    18. MetalSonic
      Ye I love Pokemon!

      Hrm, ur a little behind on the times, but u still got time to play.
    19. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      Not terribly active, Tcr could add you or I could if you like

      I saw that you started playing again?
    20. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      I had to stir things up somehow! LOL
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    New England
    Taco Builder
    Favourite Pokémon:
    that sums it up

    Tacos...Or Burrittos?