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  • We could never be friends ;-; Hoenn was my favorite region.

    Well, he does use fire blast sometimes, so he could appreciate the extra power from it. Other than that, it really wouldn't.

    Oh... What do you do for electromechanical engineering?
    Man u suck for not gettin the 1st place ;-;
    And I'll hate you for laughing.

    Chomp doesn't hate it perse. Sure, water moves are essentially super effective against him, but he can still function. I think he could actually do fairly well in sun tbh.

    What do you do now? I once tried to get into building computers. I have up and just bought one that's already made.
    It will happen. I guarantee it.


    There's nothing wrong with spending a week playing a game. It only becomes a problem if you go longer than that. Good.
    Dude. Theyre coming. And theyre gonna be freakin awesome once they do.

    I never used toed. Would you believe me if I said that Ive never had a rain team?

    I dont see how thats a bad thing XD. You should get it. Its awesome.
    Because GF wanted to wait for 3D. I understand now, as it would have been pointless to do that last gen.

    I should try that. Just get a poke with a bunch of low accuracy moves and run him with Zoom Lens.

    Ikr? Never played dark souls. Ever play Metro Last Light?
    No. Just no. It was purely fan service, and you know it.

    LolZoomlens. I remember the days when I used to equip it on my Metagross so Meteor Mash and Hammer Arm would hit...


    I might. Everyone has been telling me to get certain games lately. Good thing my birthday is coming up soon.
    They better happen. It's been 10 years...

    Omg yes. I use that in Wifi all the time. It's the best feeling when you're going up against Ubers and they can't hit you XD

    Not for the opponent...

    Sounds fun. I like the name though.
    I dont see how either could stay OU though. Thats true. It better come gen 7 though. Same with the Hoenn remakes if they dont come this gen.


    I wouldnt run sub on him anyways unless youre trying to abuse Sand Veil though. (reg chomp, of course)

    I know. I was joking.

    Scribblenaughts? Whats that?
    I prefer mega Latias. Those defenses allow for a great CM set/Wall. Me too. I dont even know why we dont have one.


    Megachomp gets sub too. He doesnt even need recovery. He has a much better typing too.

    OMG. OP af. GF nerf pls.

    That sucks.When you get the chance, get one. There are a bunch of good games for it.
    HP got a huge nerf this gen. I don't know whether I like it or not.

    Yes. Here's your reminder: do it now.

    Megachomp > Kubes. It's still strong 2HKOing 80% of the meta is nothing to laugh at.

    Oh wow. OP much? I'm assuming it would phase 2 pokes at the same time?

    Get Y. There's really no reason not to, unless you don't have a 3DS.
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