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  • I was in the middle of typing a response to you before the thread was unnecessarily closed, so many of the staff on this site are useless but I digress I was enjoying our discussion and thought you deserved the reply.

    I truly don't understand what's so great about a normal evolution when your pretty much getting another form of evolution just presented in a different way that allows you to be strategic or just allows you to punch holes through things. If it were just another evolution you'd just evolve it, you wouldn't even question not evolving it, and i'd stay that way forever.
    Entirely opinion:
    It feels more organic, part of the natural progressions in the game and it feels more like the merger of multiple generations. The freedom for better and more unique designs come into play as well. Plus with it being an actual new Pokemon it feels like more has been added to the new generation and it has more to offer than a temporary power up that nullifies the chances of the Pokemon ever evolving (for those that could/should) and reduces the amount of new Pokemon in a gen as original Pokemon and dex entries are substituted for form changes. (I'm aware the mechanic is technically different from form changes but megas count as alternate forms in the Pokedex and the literal sense because it is still the same Pokemon)
    Dragoniss, I am still hoping for Gary's return in the anime one day. His cameos in Diamond and Pearl were fun but he didn't get that much to do especially in the Galactic finale where he mostly gets crushed by Commander Saturn.
    He's just so awesome, in the show, in the manga, in the games, and even in origins. Better than the new ones who praise you like a god right?
    So, you said you would like to be either Dark or Electric, eh? I just posted in the thread stating that I am officially doing the league, so if you'd like to pick your type, you can have a spot, but remember to use PS, and remember the Battle Spot rules (especially that Item Clause is on and that there is no Evasion/OHKO clause).
    Hello there! I was wondering if you wanted to be friends, since you seem to like the Pokémon anime, and I do (among other things)... plus your sig. looks. awesome. 'Nuff said... I love the animated banner with the gif! :D
    Hi, I don't think we've ever chatted, how are you? How or why did you get into art? What's your favorite thing and biggest pain about drawing?
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