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  • I noticed that. XD And now I'm just slightly more tempted to do it. (I think my list of tropes that I consciously included in the fic is obscenely long, however. Which was part of the point but still.)

    I also sort of want to ask for a link to said troll author, just because I could always use more lulz in my life.
    XD It does, dear. It's called the fanfics page. *is shot multiple times*

    Anyway, yep. While the list tends to be dominated by stories on FFNet and dA, the forum that recs the most stories tends to be BMGf. Obsession, Rival's Story, The Power Inside, and Dragon Days in particular. And, of course, the aforementioned fic list on the fanfics page, of which a sizable chunk are actually Bulbagarden fics. (Yes, exaggeration, but they're still prominent enough for me to notice, anyway. Not that I mind because now I'm tempted to put up an article for my work, just to be a serious attention *****.)

    Also, don't worry. ;D So long as you know that fandom's not serious business, it won't be. Or so long as you know what lulz are. And as for troll authors, I feel like most people think they're acceptable targets. Even though, y'know, the more practical idea is to avoid them and whatnot. But hey!
    Communities, dear. ;)

    Admittedly, I migrated over to my own board's server because Nando and Neku went there too, so. I might rejoin, though, if you're actually over there.

    About HAVA, I have not, but reading over it after a quick Google search, I'm torn between laughing and using the disapproval smiley over it. Only in this fandom would a fansite consider themselves to be so self-important that they need corporate sponsorship. :| I mean, wow. In any other fandom, if you can't pay the bills, you take donations at the max or get a better job and realize that fandom isn't serious business. Sure, getting ads to help pay the bills is one thing. Cutting a deal with someone to pay the bills for you is another.

    Between this and the perpetual drama over news (you know, the constant fight over who releases first whenever a new gen or a new main game comes out), I'm inclined to think fans take this fandom way too seriously. It's not a job. It's not the center of a universe. It's a hobby, guys. Seriously. :|

    Also, for the rec page, if you hit up the main article, you can see a link to it in the top right-hand corner. More specifically, it's here. Mystery Dungeon has its own rec page, though.
    The fook have you been, boy? :( You're never around anymore, and I miss ranting about writing comms with you.

    Also, I had the slightest temptation to join Bulbagarden again after reading TVTropes' rec page. Please talk me out of it.
    I was agreeing with your post.

    It's sort of my irl version of 'Noob out'. A friend of mine once turned it into a joke on me:

    "'I see,' said the blind man to the deaf child."
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