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  • fire punch you get from that heart scale person in pastoria. theres an EQ tm in the secret part of wayward cave but if youve already used it then you have to get one at the battle frontier for 80 BP
    well that set is completely walled by steels. one of the best dragoonite sets ive used is
    Fire Punch
    it gets nuetral coverage on all pokemon. dragon is resisited by steel so EQ covers that, fire punch is for skarmory and brozong who are immune to EQ.
    That is quite tough. Still, if you do restart, I hope you enjoy the game and satisfy your craving for Pokemon. I tried not to let losing Camerupt and my other originals get me down.
    Cynthia seems to give a lot of people problems. Maybe I should buy Platinum once I can afford it and see for myself.

    I have only lost to a major trainer once in Emerald, but in the Battle Frontier... things are a lot different. I feel happy to get a win in the later stages there, let alone reach the Frontier Brain. Most of the time I get messed up by a Chansey completely stacked with Defense EVs and carrying Double Team and/or Defense Curl, and whenever I do not use Breloom is when the Chanseys appear!

    Have you ever challenged a Battle Frontier or Tower?
    Camerupt was three levels below Salamence. I trained her (my second female Pokemon ever) against Machokes and Tentacools in order to boost Attack and Special Defense, which allowed for Rock Slide to land a 3HKO and for Camerupt to survive Dragon Claw. Also, I got lucky that his Rock Slide did not land a flinch.

    Which in-game win is among your most memorable?
    No. Numel evolves at level 33, and I challenged at Flannery at level 28. She nearly destroyed me... I had to revive my Magnituding Numel to have the day saved. You see, Lombre does not learn a Water move early on until Platinum when it gets BubbleBeam, and Aron kept missing with Rollout.

    That was Numel's first major achievement and Camerupt was integral, beating Winona's Altaria and Drake's Salamence (without the use of healing items) in two of the ten most memorable battles I have ever had in Emerald. Camerupt beating Salamence with Rock Slide after Intimidate... I wish I had recorded that!
    Thank you. I have always liked Camerupt. I plan on alternating my avatar until all of my original team members (Sceptile, Camerupt, Ludicolo, Gardevoir, Swellow, Aggron) get represented.

    Why do I like Camerupt? Probably because I raised one from a level 15 Numel, and watched that adorable Numel beat Flannery's Camerupt. Also, I am writing a story where the main character has three Pokemon representing his character, and his Camerupt is his passion.
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