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  • Lolz, well for me salamence is my second favorite dragon not legendary. Hey theres a dragonite group i just joined u should join.
    Good for you. Dragonite is ten times better than Snorlax. You know what is ironic? One of my teams has a Salamence in it instead of a Dragonite. That was before I knew how awesome Dragonite really was. Now I feel ashamed to have it.
    Hello, I caught a Dratini last night and im going to evolve and trade it to lg. I was going to have Snorlax but I changed my mind.
    Your Welcome. Dragonite is always a great dragon to put on your team, no matter what game your playing, especially on the region it came from. :)
    Nice to befriend you too. Any dragon is a friend of mine. LOL. I can't really think of a bad dragon. They all look cool and can do fairly well in battle.
    Hello, Dragonite19. It is nice to befriend you.

    With you and leiluken I now have two Dragonite fans as friends on this forum. Maybe I will start liking it a lot myself (I already would rank it among my 50 favourites). :D

    Though, to be honest, my favourite Dragon-type Pokemon is Kingdra. What do you think of other dragons?
    Sorry, I am wanting to keep my Celebi. We should all be getting one in the semi-near future though, based on the Giovanni event in HG/SS. That practically screams a Celebi event sometime soon.
    Hi. I noticed that you have an Impish 10 ANIV Celebi. I need it. What would you want for it? I can offer events.
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