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  • Hey, congratulations on your shiny Cacnea! I'm very sorry to hear that your grandmother passed, though. :(

    Good luck with your future shiny hunts. I know we're not the best of friends, but if you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you.
    Just thought I'd tell you...I think you *really* deserve a new shiny, man. You're staying so dedicated during your dry spell...it's really rather inspirational. Good luck, DK!
    Alright, just send me a message when you come back online with the code of the egg. I will then let you know when I have it completely set up(egg code in place of CODE), so you can Bite the egg(I will keep refreshing just in case it auto-abandons).

    I can be ready whenever you send the code of the egg. Hopefully I can refresh it fast enough and get the egg.
    My Harvest hatchlings finally grew up. I am in the Atlantic time zone, you are in the West coast?

    (I work today from 12-5 if I don't respond)
    Thank you.

    I won't be unlocked for a few days, my Harvests are still on the first stage hatchling. They should be grown up by the end of the weekend. I'll let you know when I can.
    Nice Shiny Palkia and Pidgeotto guys.
    The Pidgeotto was old. n.n'' I just posted it for inspiration.
    Hi r u looking 4 a shokotan pichu i wuld like 3 shinys coz it activates an event in hg ss its shiny and its an event
    Wow, that's amazing!! =33

    I play on both emulator and real life handhelds, and I still haven't gotten a shiny ID on Emerald yet. :/

    All of my shinies are what you'd consider "common" Pokemon, but I have over 20 of 'em, and I love them to bits. <33 I'd still LOVE a shiny legendary someday though. >33 I may SR for Moltres when I get that far on Leaf Green again.
    Wow. That didn't take long at all! o.o

    I hear lots of stories of people taking MONTHS to get the shiny they wanted! ^^; Do you have any other SR shinies? How long did those ones take?
    Just wondering how long it took you to SR for that shiny Totodile?

    I was SRing a Regice for a while, but I soon lost patience. ^__^;;
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