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Last Activity:
Aug 27, 2017
Apr 21, 2005
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West City

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Well-Known Member, from West City

Dragonking was last seen:
Aug 27, 2017
    1. ShinyFufu
      What's up man, I haven't seen you post in a while. Hope everything is good in life with you.
    2. ShinyFufu
      Hey, congratulations on your shiny Cacnea! I'm very sorry to hear that your grandmother passed, though. :(

      Good luck with your future shiny hunts. I know we're not the best of friends, but if you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you.
    3. ShinyFufu
      Just thought I'd tell you...I think you *really* deserve a new shiny, man. You're staying so dedicated during your dry spell...it's really rather inspirational. Good luck, DK!
    4. Twilit Dragoon
      Twilit Dragoon
      Thanks again :D.
    5. Twilit Dragoon
      Twilit Dragoon
      I GOT IT. Thank you so much :D.

      I had Auto Refresher on and couldn't believe I got the Get Code page, yay.
    6. Twilit Dragoon
    7. Twilit Dragoon
      Twilit Dragoon
      Alright, just send me a message when you come back online with the code of the egg. I will then let you know when I have it completely set up(egg code in place of CODE), so you can Bite the egg(I will keep refreshing just in case it auto-abandons).

      I can be ready whenever you send the code of the egg. Hopefully I can refresh it fast enough and get the egg.
    8. Twilit Dragoon
      Twilit Dragoon
      My Harvest hatchlings finally grew up. I am in the Atlantic time zone, you are in the West coast?

      (I work today from 12-5 if I don't respond)
    9. Twilit Dragoon
      Twilit Dragoon
      Thank you.

      I won't be unlocked for a few days, my Harvests are still on the first stage hatchling. They should be grown up by the end of the weekend. I'll let you know when I can.
    10. LoneStarAkira
      Nice Shiny Palkia and Pidgeotto guys.
      The Pidgeotto was old. n.n'' I just posted it for inspiration.
    11. L3GNDKILLA
      Hi r u looking 4 a shokotan pichu i wuld like 3 shinys coz it activates an event in hg ss its shiny and its an event
    12. ShinyFufu
      The club is open again!
    13. Magiclapras
      Saw what happened to the shiny Graveler. Must've hurt.
    14. ShinxesAreCute
      The two eggs in your sig happen to be two of the very few eggs I still need ;-;
    15. Twilit Dragoon
      Twilit Dragoon
      Yeah, I noticed.

      *points at Charizard and laughs*

      EDIT: Its gone now, but that was awesome.
    16. LoneStarAkira
      Wow, that's amazing!! =33

      I play on both emulator and real life handhelds, and I still haven't gotten a shiny ID on Emerald yet. :/

      All of my shinies are what you'd consider "common" Pokemon, but I have over 20 of 'em, and I love them to bits. <33 I'd still LOVE a shiny legendary someday though. >33 I may SR for Moltres when I get that far on Leaf Green again.
    17. LoneStarAkira
      Wow. That didn't take long at all! o.o

      I hear lots of stories of people taking MONTHS to get the shiny they wanted! ^^; Do you have any other SR shinies? How long did those ones take?
    18. LoneStarAkira
      Just wondering how long it took you to SR for that shiny Totodile?

      I was SRing a Regice for a while, but I soon lost patience. ^__^;;
    19. Mence Master
      Mence Master
      Hey, I haven't seen you at the SHC in a while... or is my memory sucking?
    20. Twilit Dragoon
      Twilit Dragoon
      Well with 2 shiny Poochyena, you deserve your shiny ^_^.
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    My Shinies Hunting Giratina, Charmander, Uxie, Chikorita, Raikou, Entei​