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  • To be honest, there's really no such thing as excuses such as being a beginner when it comes to reviewing. It just means you take the time to think of what you want to say about a particular story you're reviewing. If you have nothing to say other than "this was good" and no more than a couple of lines, then you don't leave a review unless you're detailed in those two lines. I would appreciate an edited post as soon as possible.
    Hey, just came to say that while I appreciate the comment on my story, it doesn't meet the requirements for the Review Game. For starters.

    Also, there are rules in the Shipping Café where when it comes to the stories in that particular section, especially NC-17 works, the reviews need to have some thought to them. For a big chunk of your review (which isn't a long one to begin with), I have no idea what to say because I don't know if you exactly mean it or not. Because just about everything you said in it could be copy-pasted to another story. The whole thing about the "empty house" made me scratch my head for a while until I realized what you were talking about, but it still doesn't mean anything.

    So I'm asking you this nicely to please go fix your review. Because while I don't doubt you've read it, I would really appreciate it if you've proven you have read it by pointing out things you really liked in detail, what you didn't like, what I could do better, so on and so forth.
    The point isn't just having spellcheck - it's also about saving your work so you can access and work on it at any time without losing it, and also so you can actually spend more than ten minutes working on it. Writing takes time and effort.

    It's also describing what they're doing, their surroundings, other characters and so on. So instead of "Sandy walked around the city and saw her friend Pat," you'd say something more like "Sandy kept her hands in her pockets as she leisurely strolled down the city streets, kicking rocks and garbage as she wandered along. She could hear birds singing in the distance, and she could smell fresh pastries and cakes from the nearby bakeries. She caught sight of a tall boy with bright blond hair leaning against a lamppost on a building, staring down at his cell phone irritable. "Pat!" she called, waving to him. The boy looked up upon hearing his name, looked her way, and grinned."

    Something like that. Does that help?
    Uh, you wouldn't have had to start from scratch? All you had to do was copy the text, paste it into Microsoft Word, save it to your computer, and take your time to work on and edit it. That's how you're supposed to do it if you want it come out any good. :p

    Either way, good luck, I hope it works out this time.
    I wasn't actually sure whether or not you wanted me to lol, but if that's what you'd prefer, I'll do it now.
    Generally, I just close any thread that's really not up to snuff so the writer can start from scratch. You should work on rewriting your story for at least an hour or so, so you can make sure you've made it as good as it can be before you post it. If you'd prefer I reopened it, I can, as long as you're sure that you meet the length requirements this time. :>
    Hey guys sorry I been off for soooooooooo LONG i had REALLY bad internet and i my laptop broke and...... Well its just been hard. So Sorry
    Sorry, I'm not really great in English. I'm more Dutch. ;P
    I mean: I did saw you much here, so I did only wanna saying Hi. But do you like Role Playing with VM's?
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