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    *Continuation due to reaching the character limit in the original message*:

    After watching it I realized that Digimon indeed wasn't a Pokemon ripoff, and is original in it's own right. It was also by far the better, deeper, superior anime.

    Around this time 10 years ago in 2000 I remember seeing spoiler pictures of the new upcoming season to Digimon, and I couldn't wait to see it because I wanted to see how TK & Kari had now acted all grown up. The original cast being older than they were in Adventure alone was a good enough reason to stick around & watch Zero Two for me. It was an interesting season to say the least, and albeit a bit confusing to keep up with given all of it's plots thrown at you (Destiny Stones, Control Spires, Dark spores, Demon corps., etc.) but I still love it nonetheless. My favorite characters from Adventure are Kari & Gatomon, which makes sense seeing as their storyline is what got me into the show in the first place.

    I hated Savers and thought it was a hot mess because it just felt like a badly ripped off Tamers/Adventure season clone. I felt like they were trying wayyyy too hard with that season trying to make it all dark & tough; for Tamers that came off naturally.

    No comment on the Frontier season, it's that bad for me.

    And I'm not gonna watch season 6. Looks like they're trying to repeat the same mistakes they made with Savers. For me Digimon ended with the Tamers season.
    O_O, You are the first Digimon fan I've ever known who actually put season 4 over 3 & 5.

    My favorite season is the 3rd season, Tamers. I just felt like Tamers was the most darkest & realistic of the 5, and had the most depth to it as well. I think Tamers just had the best everything in general, the best: plot, characters, writing, animation, etc. I absolutely love the character Jeri Katou & could relate to her battles/struggles with depression as I was going through the same thing during the time of the season's original airing.

    Adventure/Zero Two are tied for me, with Zero Two being slightly higher due to that being the first full season of Digimon that I had ever saw. You see originally when Digimon first came on the air I didn't care to watch it because I thought that they were trying to rip-off Pokemon, and ride on the coattails of Pokemon's success. My younger brother gave it a shot though. Then somewhere near the end of the 8th child saga my younger brother had the TV onto Digimon (the episode "Wizardmon's Gift" was playing) & I was in the background playing. I caught a glimpse of it in my eye, and the guy Angel digimon had stood out for me. Then suddenly the cat digimon had evolved, and I turned around & noticed that she had evolved into this beautiful angel. I know this'll sound really strange, but LITERALLY the very moment I had laid eyes on Angewomon I became a fan hooked on this show. I had no idea what the hell was going on plot-wise, all I knew was that I thought that Angewomon was the most beautiful fictional character I've ever laid eyes on & I was happy that the guy angel now had a girlfriend too as well. 3 days after that thanks to my younger brother I was up to speed with the mechanics of the show (digivolution levels, terms, crests, etc.). I watched the entire Dark Masters saga during it's original airing, and had caught the rest of the season during reruns over the summer.
    Yeah absolutely. I mean I watched 01 when I was a kid, and when summer started and I had a bit of extra time I thought, why not watch it again? I'd forgotten most things about it, except who digivolved to who and who killed which dark master etc, so it was mainly like watching it again. i'd never seen 02 before, but I thought I'd give it a look and got right into it. You're right, 01 is better, but Wormmon is one of my favourite digimon now :D. Have you watched the other series? Are they worth a watch at all? I know one of them doesn't even have partner digimon, they only turn into them :S
    To be fair though, it is a forum, and you're putting it out there for anyone to see and respond to. But still, I shouldn't have been so condescending, and the main point I wanted to make when I first responded was that zenos post did technically, grammatically make sense, then it all went from there XD.

    I think we're still talking about slightly different things, but as you say, after a nights sleep, who the hell cares!

    So, you like digimon obviously? I just finished watching 02 for the first time. Was surprisingly good :)
    I have no idea why you're being so aggressive, but can we just drop it please? I said I was not responding any more and you make a flame post. I've reported you for it, but I'm willing to bury the hatchet. I'm not a fan of conflict.
    Yeah, that was pretty stupid. It was frustrating on this side of the screen, though. XD I mean, someone blatantly breaking the rules like that, you have to think they studied them, and then went out of their way to do it. ^^;
    I loved armadillomon, hawkmon, patamon, biyomon, and gabumon. I was absolutely fascinated by armadillomon but i have no idea why haha. Gabumon was super cool too. Davis got on my last nerves though, especially with Kari. My little 6 year old self would like yell at him on the tv trying to explain that she loved T.K. not him haha :)
    Not really :) My older cousin got me into pokemon when i was 2, pretty young haha. I love it from the start and I got into digimon when i was about 5 maybe? I remember going to my grandmas house to visit and he had a digimon like action figure and i was like "Ooooohhh!!!! is that a pokemon?" and he was like "no, its new. its a digimon" the next morning we watched it on tv together and I loved it. My grandma got me my gatomon and i was in love haha. Like I said, i took it eeeverywhere with me :)
    hahaha not at all!!!
    I loved her too! I had to toy Gatomon and i took it eeeeeverywhere with me!!! I also had a Patamon like T.K., so i thought i was so cool haha. And id pretend they were in love :) Last time I saw my Gatomon was like 4 years ago and i had lost the arms haha I think ill look for it sometime soon :)
    Yeah I totally agreed!!! I absolutely looove Sora and Biyomon. I always thought she and Matt were in love(you know little kids haha) but i got jealous because I had the BIGGEST crush on him when I was younger :) haha
    of course the sinnoh pokemon will get their chance to shine, they battle in a 3 part er episode against paul
    There's no need to flip out so much when you report...nor do you have to make a paragraph-long reason why you're reporting. D: Just saying there are threads already with the same topic will suffice. Just don't want you to have a heartattack. D:

    Thank you.
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