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  • Well, atheists are more hated than Christians, so it'd be pretty unfair to treat you poorly just for being religious. I know a lot of religious folks who are nice people. It's religion itself that I hate.

    And yes, I hate it when someone ruins something perfectly wonderful and gets people to change it so it's not enjoyable anymore. But unfortunately, that happens all the time, intentionally or not. This is why I'm more concerned about my future than ever before. We Americans are slowly losing our freedoms because of what one evil man is doing. I just wish the whole world would wake up and cease this Obama-worship and just look at what's happening to their big brother. Europe is one of the few noticing this, since they had a large wave of conservatism during their last elections.
    I think you mean anti-communist, since you're mentioning going in a war against them. Unless I'm wrong and you're actually for communism. And Canada is actually socialist, not communist. If your country was communist, then we'd probably be in a war with each other like North and South Korea.

    But anyhoo.

    I agree with you. She hasn't done ANYTHING, which was the reason why the crotch-bomber managed to get on the plane and tried to blow it up as it was over Detroit. She said "the system worked" but then a day later does a full 360 and said it failed. Sheesh, woman, just shut up or tell the freakin' truth >:/. We could've had another disaster that Christmas day had it not been for the passengers. But now because of this, on a plane, we are required to sit with our hands on our knees for the last hour of the flight, which is just retarded. My dad has always said that she needs to find a girlfriend and move somewhere far away from us.

    I don't want her shot, but I want her and the whole Obama administration removed as soon as possible. They're a menace to our country, and it's just now that everyone (except for the really-leftist Liberals) is realizing what he's doing and are ready to vote the Democrats in the Senate out. However, here's the ironic part: You might remember that whole mentioning of the State of the Union speech he gave sometime last week. Well, in it, he bashed the Supreme Court which includes his Senate. And the Senate, who are his cronies, were shocked to hear him talk crap about them, and there's a camera shot of one of them shaking her head during that part.
    XD You ended up losing me in the long message, but um...

    Nope, I'm not in the army. My brother wants to, though.

    I'm for the war. We're the reason why Osama bin Laden hasn't shown his cowardly face because we're still out there searching for him. It's sad to know we're losing people over there, but they're protecting us. That's the reason why they joined the army because they love America (unlike the Liberals in the House right now).

    North Korea... well, it's likely we MIGHT get into a war with them, but I honestly hope not. Right now, I'm just waiting for Kim Jong Il to die and see if the successor will be nicer and repeal the communism in that country. Same with China and Cuba.

    I'm American, BTW. So... yeah.

    Quick question that I hope I won't offend you, but do you think it's wrong for Janet Napolotano (our current Homeland Security who really needs to be removed because she SUCKS, considering she was our govenor for eight years and thus we know how much she sucks) to accuse Canada for the 9/11 attacks? I've been wanting to hear it from a native of Canada for a while now.
    Lol, you're older than me, though XD. Unless something was special about that day, I don't know how it ties in ^_^;. Did you just want to mention that or something, I'm confuzzled.
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