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Last Activity:
Nov 17, 2019
Oct 14, 2010
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Pokegyms Owner, from New York, not the city xD

dragontamer44722 was last seen:
Nov 17, 2019
    1. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Okay thanks. Btw, is it okay if I get the clones back before all the capsules as otherwise it will be a really long trade?
    2. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Yh definetley ^.^ come battle tower lobby please. Name is the same.

      Btw, I forgot to pick up the shroomish yesterday XD
    3. varanus_komodoensis
      Also, if you see this, did you want Flash Fire on your Litwick?
    4. varanus_komodoensis
      I hope you're doing okay :/ If there's anything I can do to help you from (hundreds? thousands?) of miles away, just let me know. I will absolutely leave a note for everyone in my shop. Take all the time you need. I won't replace you as my cloner unless you tell me to :)
    5. broomstig
      Ok thanks, just wanted to make sure it counted (: Ok, hopefully Ill be able to take part (Im fairly busy as usual), be a shame to breed everything for naught; although more mons are always useful
    6. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Okay, hope you deal with whatever you're dealing with well :)

      Btw, can I still get that LC match before you go?
    7. SkyBlue
      ok :3
      I can't wait to try it out, hopefully its as good as I thought/think it will be. If not then I can always change it up.
    8. SkyBlue
      I can't let you do all the work >.<
      it'd be like back whenever I didn't have the items to do it myself and had to ask shoveler if he could do most of the work.
      plus thats just encouraging my laziness. :P
    9. SkyBlue
      Thank you so much! You just helped me out hugely ^w^
      dratini definitely doesn't hate you. Now I can just worry about the last one and then ev train/lvl them and finally be able to open.
    10. SkyBlue
      well that was instantaneous, just when I was messaging you xD
      ok I'll be on soon :3
    11. SkyBlue
      ok, I'll try! hopefully I won't annoy you with trade requests >.<
      will you be available later to re trade it back? :3
    12. broomstig
      Can I use a team made up of human based pokemon? And more importantly, when will the tournament be?
    13. metalman6423421
      so yeah, that is what i had to say
    14. metalman6423421
      one time on my soulsilver game, my togepi used metronome and he ended up using roar of time
    15. SkyBlue
      not yet ;A;
      I know I had one figured out last week, but I can't remember it.
      oh wait, I think it just came to me. Can you nickname her Raindrop? :3
      weird I can now remember it x.x
    16. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      I would love it if you could clone me one please!

      Are you good to trade now?
    17. SkyBlue
      lol alright, I'll send marill now :3
      though I'm still thinking of a good name for what I'm going to use it for.
    18. SkyBlue
      actually i've got a 5iv missing speed you can use! :D
    19. SkyBlue
      ok ^w^
      and I can give you the 4iv calm female ha etc etc dratini that I was using to breed with
      [though just between you and me I think she's a B*tch]
    20. SkyBlue
      take your time! :3
      I've still gotta breed the last one and then ev train them all. I've probably been to relaxed and lazy about it, but since no one's been beating down my back for it I've been taking my time >3>
      though I will work more on the last one today! I don't think it will take long, this one seems to breed pretty easily ^w^ (also male or female do you mind naming it storm? I forgot to ask you to name the marill >.< )
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    New York, not the city xD
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