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  • Here's the problem though, three people tied for first place, and it wouldn't be fair to have someone fight twice for first, OR leave someone out based on random chance :/
    Sure, changed them 3 :) and go on w/ the last battles.
    And I'm gonna ask venom for a rematch to be fair.
    I think I made a mistake w/ my team. UU is not allowed right?
    I have Vaporeon, Porygon2 n Flygon in my team.
    I've just done 2 battles, 1 lost which is not a problem, 1 won against venom.
    So I must rechallenge him?
    Ah yes, can we battle others if we already have five matches if they need us to reach 5 matches themselves? But by doing this, a match after the 5th one is excluded from the scoring?
    Alright cool! Yeah hopefully we won't get a six-way tie like last time :p
    Hmm... how long should they be given to prepare it (if necessary?) I assume you don't want to needlessly draw out the tournament.
    Hmm... the only worry I have is that if they will be using new Pokemon/Ev Spreads, this will use a lot of time if they have to breed new pokemon, and Super Training is fast now but not exactly fun to do. I guess to minimize the amount of waiting time, why not say you can change 1 pokemon out, and any amount of items out? I mean I have few viable RU/NU pokemon for the team I made as replacements, so I'd assume people are in the same boat as me (with an exception or two).
    If they tied in terms of wins, we could make it so we count up the total amount of Pokemon they had left at the end of each battle, and whomever had the highest amount wins. The only problem is it's a bit unfair to release that info after the fact, so I guess just having them battle again seems like the best option in the event of a Tiebreaker :/
    Ah yes, is the 1st/2nd/3rd place decided by who has the most Pokemon left + Wins?
    So for example: Person A has 5-0 win, 3-0 win and 2-0 win as opposed to Person B, whom has 5-0 win, 2-0 win and 1-0 win, does that mean that Person A is first, and Person B second? Or is it solely based on your Win count?
    After one of my longest winning streaks of 5, I've recently now been having a losing streak so if things go well for you you'd make my 3rd consecutive loss in a row. ;)
    I'll be in the chatroom and can pretty much battle anytime now.
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