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  • Hey there! I forgot to mention I wanted to pass up on the raffle from last week. Also, I will have a small handful of GOOD raffle donations coming your way in the next few days. :)
    also could you help me test if SP would 1hko mega char Y? I forsee that being a problem for my team too.
    that'd be much appreciated!
    I already have this one mega absol ready. if you want to try now :3
    oh and I'll probably flamethrower on absol.
    kiss has it too. i find air slash+flamethrower covers most things. 'cept rock but I wouldn't keep her in on a rock type if I could help it.
    scizor is easily covered by quagsire I believe.
    metagross, well I don't see him being too much of a problem either. Plus there's mega absol. wait does her sucker punch go before its BP? idk how that priority works. because Ik mawile's SP goes after metagross' BP
    if fairies become a problem then I'll add that or something :3
    more worried about steel/poison and fire. and then grass/electric could become a problem. but quagsire covers all those but grass so meh.
    yea plus 4x resist bug and fighting so absol will really be covered xD
    fairies might be a problem but idk. would foul play be better on klefki or flash cannon?
    maybe instead of a screen kle--------screens is pretty much all that klefkis good for nvm. lol
    florges is my special wall.
    I was thinking of either whatever gardevoir is used for as non mega(though it'd be a waste of my hyper voice one)
    or maybe togekiss. so I'd have something to resist grass other than klefki.
    well so far I'm thinking of using:
    quagsire, florges, azumarill, and klefki because I'll need a steel type for sure. Then I'm thinking of using mega absol, so I'll have a strong physical, and magic bounce. not sure about the last fairy yet.
    idk. isn't it nasty plot? idk. I hate not having a thundurus/landorus of my own ;A;
    oh and I forgot about the sun! lol your sun backfired ;P
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