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  • Well Good Luck in the rest of the Tournament. Hopefully my team can grant me a win, it seems like it would be mainly a singles team.
    Well I couldn't really think straight when I made the Team, so I just picked up a few mons I wanted to use. Almost went with a different team, but it was fun in the end.
    Cool Thank You, can I get Fairy type :D it pains me to shy away from my fave type but those pesky stealth rocks are a killer lol and with me having no mega diancie which I liked to use on my team just hurts :/ still not sure why all the megas were not added yet I've battled some in game that we can't get
    I was curious, even though the gym is closed can I switch to another type that was open and when new thread is up can just add me to the new type
    hey dt your request has been made please pick up your header pop out banner at luanar subterrane graphics and thanks again for choosing my art shop to make the banner ^_^ sorry for the wait been busy with things and sun and moon distractions...
    okay I can do that :3 I clean it out now and just message me tommorow which I may not get it till later after 8pm because i got work...
    if it retains to the grass gym I will report in keeping my position :3 I saw your message a few days ago about the league I would like to keep my position for the new thread ^_^ if not I can clear out my messages ^_^
    So is there something I should be doing in the guild or... are things just going to stay quiet?
    It looks cool. Although I wasn't too impressed by the pokedex. Are you not able to utilize pokebank or something? I assumed you were a breeder and you had perfect IVs Ditto. If not I have some i brought from gen 5 you can borrow or I can clone for ya.
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