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  • I have no idea how long it will take for the shiny Giratina, but i do know i will wish you much luck... The cutscene just takes ages and i was sick of it after about two or three times... And no there is no way to speed things up...
    Thanx for the comment on my shiny's, however i can't lend you the Arceus as it wasn't mine... I borrowed it myself, and was lucky to encounter the shiny as the guy wanted it back the same day... Sorry, but good luck on the hunt for the Giratina!
    Your welcome ^_^ yep chaining can take a while to get the hang of but once you do, it is waaay faster and more reliable than breeding for shinies, however no cool egg moves and you can't chain everything :(
    I'm more than happy to help you out ^_^ Masuda Method is breeding an international Ditto with one from your game which cuts the chances of finding a shiny in half, but it's still a pretty daunting task. Chaining on the other hand is using the Pokeradar, available in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, to battle the same pokemon repeatedly until you hit a "chain" of 40 where your chances of finding a shiny pokemon are maxed out to 1/200. For something like a Shinx I'd say definitely try to use the Pokeradar, and shinx is actually a great pokemon to practice chaining on, have a pokemon with the Static ability as the first in your party and electric types, like Shinx, will be 50% more likely to appear ;) Just google "how to chain shiny pokemon" there are some fantastic guides out there!
    Thank you, I know I'm still amazed at my luck, I'm usually never this lucky lol.
    Good luck on getting your own shiny Shinx, are you planning on chaining them or using the Masuda Method?
    Yeah, Critical hits... That's why I never attack shinies except with False Swipe. Well good luck to you, let me know if you find a shiny!
    Just out of curiosity, what happened to the shiny Golbat you found? Why weren't you able to catch it?

    Also, you should consider a Tentacool hunt to reclaim your lost one. I recently hunted for and obtained a shiny Tentacool to make up for the one I found in Silver version, which will soon be deleted once the internal battery dies. Good luck on your future hunts!
    Hello Fellow trainers!
    My name is Jesse.
    my Favorite types are Dragon, Dark, Steel and Fighting.
    and i love Shiny pokemon, I'm always on the hunt.
    also, i'm looking for a friend who can let me borrow an Event Arceus so i can get a baby Giratina on soul silver.
    any help is greatly appreciated. thanks alot!
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