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  • I am importing all Sinnohan legendaries soon. I'd trade them to you directly, but I have WPA connection, which 4th gen doesn't support.

    Sorry for not editing the last post, my phone wouldn't let me.
    I have the Legendary Birds, their Trio Master, its counterpart, its Trio below it, Darkrai, Kyurem, a non-event Reshiram, Dialga, and the Spirit Trio.
    I don't actually have it, and it could take hundreds of eggs. We don't have to negotiate right now. I'll tell you if and when I do hatch it or a normal shiny.

    BTW, have you posted in the 5th gen wifi center that you have a shiny Basculin? I really don't like that thing, lol.
    ...Two EV trained pokemon for a DW ability shiny? I don't know how to put this, but that's really too cheap. I EV train for other people for free...

    Look, a shiny/ legendary with an evo stone would be a much more reasonable price. EV training is really easy, for a complete stat you have to KO 32 pokes. I'd take a flawless EV trained NU, UU, or Uber for one though, as long as it isn't RNGd.
    You had to just get off, didn't you...anything you want to trade? I'm working on the shiny DW ability spinrack. I can breed DW females and stuff. Or I can IV breed something, but it'll take time out of my quest for the spinrack.
    DW and shiny crossing, huh? A rather tedious job, in my opinion. I just hang with the shinies I have now, like Tyranitar. He's perfect just the way he is ^^
    Well, pokemon from the Dream World cannot be shiny. However, breeding a female with a Dream World ability can result in a shiny, so you can MM it. I'm breeding my DW Ariados with a Japanese Durant.
    There's a reason no one wants a shiny Basculin. Why would I want a cloned shiny Marowak when I can clone my own? Speaking of which, why would I even want a clone?

    I don't have one, sorry. Leveling and EV training is too low a price anyway. I'd get one though, but I'm breeding a DW ability shiny Spinrack.
    Sure. I don't know if you know this already, but event legendaries tend to go at a higher rate than the ones I traded you.

    Need an event Victini? I collect shinies.
    I have to go, sorry. Let's trade again sometime. I'm currently trying to breed a shiny DW ability Spinrack.
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