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  • YOU. Flip, it's been a year *Almost exactly* since I've poked at you for being dead, hmm? Come alive again, gah, the MSN's have become less epic (Still epic, however just missing that Bay FALCOWN PAWNCH they used to have to them.), and you've probably missed a heap of things happening. So come, let us fill you in.
    To the dead-account of the once known 'Drake',
    If the owner of this account comes on tell him he's lazy and should make an effort to at least send us his Plat FC before the rabid storm of girafarigs come mysteriously attacking his house.
    You better be alive, or else ;P Just saying hi, even though you haven't been on for....... a month and a--- oh wait, exactly a month.....................

    CYAS nub :3
    Oh emm gee, You! Long time no see, na~ xP
    You nub, you Dx Hope Basketball's going well for you, and that you're all fine and dandy. I'm all right; barely managing my school work but oh well!
    Cya laters Drake xD
    Well, seeings how we've had one dead remake, a couple branch off's that failed or are failing, I don't think we can just go back to PGF.
    Especially since it got "upgraded" to Zetaboards. It's a lot worse than Invisionfree (although made by them), and it was one of the causes of the death of the forum.

    The PGF community is holding on by a hair, but the body has died, and there's really no hope for a comeback.

    We scattered throughout a variety of forums, and I still keep in contact with a few of the old members, but all in all, PGF is lost...
    Shuam actually relinquished ownership of PGF to Gir (personally, I think Gir's inactivity, mostly due to his schoolwork, is one of the reasons PGF died...) Gir was the one who made PitPit (the "new" PGF) also.

    I never see Gir anymore.
    Anyway, it's nice to reminisce with another old PGF inhabitant. Many of them have been popping up recently.
    m19... I remember that name from an RPG called Pokemon Gamer Forums, PGF. Are you the same person?
    Yeah, I am.
    Serebiiforums is where I heard about that place actually.

    One of my first posts here was in the Shop Forums. I eventually joined that shop, and one of the members there, Shuam, made PGF. It still exists if your interested, though it's pretty much dead now. We did somewhat recetly "re-make" it, although that pretty much died as well.
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