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Drake Pokétrainer

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  • I got:

    Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

    And that's it :p
    I looked up the unlock conditions for Lucario. Desperate for him, you know.

    • Play 100 brawls
    • Beat Target Smash!! on all difficulty levels (Playing in either 1 or 2 player mode will satisfy this condition.)
    • Get Lucario to join your party in The Subspace Emissary

    • With the exception of the last of the three methods listed above, you’ll need to face Lucario in a brawl and beat it after satisfying the above conditions to unlock it.

    That's how, so... 100 brawls... YIKES!
    I know... :)

    I've only got Ness and Marth (I think that's what he's called). I made sure I checked stuff out on the official SSBB website.
    Yeah, Merry Christmas to you too Drake.

    Sorry about the lateness, I've been really busy lately.

    Anyway, I got a Wii! I'm super happy. We got Wii Sports & Resort (Wii sports) and SSBB, which I've been trying to unlock players on. I know it will take ages until I get Lucario though (He's my favourite character)
    Damn, I'm gone for like 4 days or so and when I'm finally back I find out that the Silence Game has been closed.... What a nice christmas present.... -.-

    Anyways, how ya doing? Merry christmas by the way! (though I'm a bit late :p)
    Yeah goodnight mate, I've still got Wii arm from yesterday! Lol it needs a good rest, playing about with that keyboard probably didn't help either XD
    They will change your life! Srsly.

    And to make things easier, here's the album artworks so you know what to look for:

    Origin of Symmetry


    Oh I know! :( I'll have to settle with the PMT then :p

    Fair enough, personally I think their best albums are Origin of Symmetry and Absolution. You should check them out :)
    Yeah that was their last single from The Resistance, their second (and latest) single is Undisclosed Desires. It's quite different from their usual stuff, I guess if you weren't that familiar with Matt's voice, you wouldn't think it was them at first.

    I want Matt's glasses!:D ...and scarf...jacket...guitar...talent...aww f*ck it! I want HIM! <3
    Lol! I like "When Matt Bellamy passes a mirror, there is no reflection: there is only one Matt Bellamy"

    Ooh cool! I got fruit jellies too! ^^
    And a pair of silver converse, muse stuff, a new phone and a keyboard! :D
    Plus I got to watch muse perform Uprising on the Top of The Pops Xmas special ^^
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