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Drake Pokétrainer

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  • aww. that sucks. D:

    ooh, i joined there a few years ago...forget my account. xD

    aww. D: i saw a slime slugma, decided to click it for shits but the page was 10 minutes old.
    yeah, that creature is for one of my games. it's another medeival game, except the battles system is 3D

    yeah, where it says

    just select video
    meh, all you need to do is read what i said to him. Thats why i get a ban if i talk to him again. Ive already got 2 infractions about him >.>
    yeah. and one of those friends was...him. xD

    not just mew, hacking it and using the missingno. cheat was all the rage.
    Oh, how I love to answer a VM late! (Sorry about that)

    I'd agree with the lizard bit, but not so much with the slightly longer mutated lizard-turtle hybrid bit. Heh.
    I take it the red seat/shell-shaped-thing/whatever it is on Yoshi's back made you think of the turtle bit?

    You know, there's only an hour and a half of today left for me where I am, so I'm gonna be off now. As well as that, I probably won't be on for a while, seeing as I've gotten quite a few things to mess around with. Just letting you know.
    Anyway, hope you had a good day, and I hope the next 6 days also aren't far off from being the same. I'll see ya, Drakey Drako.
    Feel free to tell the others I said hi, btw. Thanks.
    thats ok. ^_^ thx though~

    yeah, i know right. its like, srsly. people go through all that trouble to get some legendary that'll erase when your internal battery dies.

    but its fun to brag, 'specailly when you hack a mew in r/b/y. :3
    i think all i have is a shiny tentacool and gyarados in silver.

    omg shiny rapidash~ its so pretty. D:

    sucks about slime slugma. i saw one in the shelter but i didnt take it.
    well, i was like 5, where it didnt matter. now i'd actually die. no computer or nothing.

    i have an easter buneary breeding pair. but now my vulpix ar ein the shelter for my shiny hunt. D:
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