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  • Wow, why must I keep forgetting about this place? I'll try my best to remember this time man. just don't leave me again! XD
    Hey I'm looking for a Tepig and I saw your post asking for a Rufflet, I can easily get you a Rufflet for a Tepig :). I also have Cyndaquil, Totodile and Zoruas if you want them :)
    Yeah i imagine that would be the case. right now i'm considering joining though i don't really know much on how i can contribute except advice and socializing
    haha the shoes on the other foot. sorry about my lack of appearance here. i suppose without a clan i haven't had much need to go on. but without access to PO i haven't had much need for a clan. hmm i'm not exactly fond of the idea that my time on PO determines the time i spend on serebii. that aside though yeah i've been good how about you ;)
    haha well the im just gonna have to get my wifi up. i'd be happy to trade or at least maybe in the future since i'm kinda preoccupied with the new Conquest game. plus i only bought a White version a few days ago but opted to erase my file because i knew i'd spend my time playing conquest .w. well once i get to a reasonbable distance in white and get wifi i definitely want to trade ;)
    Just Google "Pokemon Online" then it should be the first link, then click "Download" when on the page. Something like that.
    Well, I'm sure there'd be loads of people who'd help you get better. Then you wouldn't have to worry about being a sore loser as much ;)
    Well, there's Prankstar, who isn't actually round that much. There's Ninja Dewott, who's active and I'm sure I would love a catchup. Other than that, I'm not sure.
    Haha, it has been forever!

    Well, if you haven't heard, sadly the Battling Academy disbanded, but we have a new clan up, it's called the Crystalline Guard. It'd be great iif you ould join (if you haven't already, haven't seen the thread yet today). I'd reassure that there's quite a few similarites with the BA, but you woon't remember it as most people do! XD
    Hey, Drako.
    I get you've got college, but....
    Just stop by if you get the chance.
    It'd be nice to at least say hi to you again.
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