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  • Yes, I know. My entire day is freedom! Also, has your shiny Mewtwo been transferred to XY? And does it have the Mewtonite?
    Yep. Thank you so much. If you were also wondering why it is such a high number in short time, I hunt pretty much every minute of the day.
    Heya! I just wanted to say g'day and congratulations for finding and capturing that beautiful shiny! It really is gorgeous!

    Your BQ shinies look like a football team or something! They all look like they have a similar uniform and blend in well together. :p
    Thanks so much for the well wishes :) It really sucked to lose a shiny, but it's comforting to know that I'm not alone. Good luck on your reclaim as well!
    Dont hate everything man! I know it sucks, but in the end, all it was is some differently coloured pixels, not worth your tears!!
    Just keep going at it, I'm sure you can reclaim it! Dont give up, and dont let it get you down.
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