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Dramatic Melody

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  • Hey! I just want to ask if you're going to post "Fame" at all. I read it in the contest thread and I really enjoyed it! It was hilarious :)
    Dramatic Melody
    Dramatic Melody
    Hey, it's been a while! Thanks for the kind words on "Fame", I'm still so surprised by how it did! I'm definitely gonna post it, but I'll be revising it first based on the judges' feedback. I'm aiming to post it within the next few weeks though!

    Congrats as well on your entry! I haven't found the time to read the other contest entries, but I'll be sure to read it (and catch up on Drowning) real soon! :)
    Long time no see, how are things? =)
    Dramatic Melody
    Dramatic Melody
    Hey! It's been a very long time, yeah. Things are okay here, though really busy work-wise. Still finding some time to write some fics though, ahaha.

    How about you? How's it been?
    Not bad =) Sadly less time for me on the fics, I'm working in Ireland for six months! It's super cold. Still getting stuff set up but it's fun so far.
    Dramatic Melody
    Dramatic Melody
    Ooh, sounds great! Is it a one-time thing or are you thinking of being based there? And I could never stay in cold countries for so long ahaha
    That's fine, I am slow too at times!

    I've just finished the main story of USUM and so am up to the RR part, am looking forward to it! Needs more Cipher admins though. =p

    Thanks - it's now submitted! \o/ Gotta wait on examiners to, well, examine it, but the toughest part is done! Thank goodness too.

    Congrats on the anniversary. Hope it pays well? I need a job now myself so job >>> no job. =p
    They've actually been releasing a lot of Sinnoh themed cards... around USUM launch. It's weird.

    Been super busy lately; finishing up thesis stuff. So outside of Daily my writing has been pretty low. Nearly there though! Just need to find a job after it. :V And yourself?
    Woah it's been a while let's fix that

    Someone linked me this and iirc you like Mars a lot? If so enjoy her TCG art.
    Thank you so much for nominating Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Plasbad for Funniest Fic! Your review was great as well, and I'm glad the humor worked so well for you.
    Definitely, though given that a lot of people seem to still have issue with how a lot of the characters in Fates were handled it's tough to tell what we can expect in a future game. Really though as long as they never do the separate game thing again I'll probably be satisfied.

    I'm honestly slowly losing interest with this game and I can only imagine that'll continue with SM literally around the corner, so they better hurry before I actually stop playing the game. Flying-type Rayquaza would be perfect though, so if we get it soon I'm hoping for the type change. I'm using my RMLs slowly right now and I've only started using them on Sharpedo, this thing is actually the strongest Dark-type after full investment so given I'd already candied it I may as well go all the way.

    After seeing leaked stats I'm definitely going to Rowlet in-game, so I'm looking forward to that. I still have no idea what my 6th Pokemon will be though, might end up swapping Pokemon around with that slot for awhile.
    Yeah, my weekend is going to be used up. Someone is rudely planning a surprise party during it too, haha.

    You got a game two days late? Dang. Hope it's on time for you.
    I'd say it's difficult to say that for sure, since with the new approach they've taken to recent games that's resulted in better sales for them I'd imagine they'll not want to stray too much from that model even if a lot of the older fans have issues with it.

    Yeah, still more new Megas and none of them really seem that amazing. Still waiting on that shiny Rayquaza though so that I can finally start using items and not worry about something cooler later. The amount of RMLs some of these Pokemon can take is crazy, I have 20 now after having maxed Yveltal, Groudon, and Charizard, but between Mawile, Sharpedo, Lucario and Mewtwo, there's a lot of good stuff. Still wish Rayquaza could use some even if they're basically unnecessary though.

    I'm going with Moon and getting Rowlet, I've been pretty set on that for awhile but it has nothing to do with my tendency to pick Grass starters in generations that aren't multiples of 3.
    Yeah it really helps give most of the characters some role they can fill well, even if it's a niche role.

    Definitely, it's one of the major things that led to the so-called divided playerbase in Fire Emblem. It can be tough to see both sides especially since many people didn't start until recent Fire Emblem games.

    Yeah, they're actually getting close to releasing all the Megas at this point, though it's awkward since with fewer Pokemon left to get, you don't really even use them much. I've definitely made use of the Jewel thing for Meowth, and given I actually get regular Street Passes I can afford to keep it up too.
    Thanks for understanding XD

    No rush! I honestly feel privileged every time I get a review from someone; you're absolutely under no obligation to, so if you don't get around to it then it's fine XD I'm excited for the Yuletide this year too! I at least got that prompt in, and I'm pretty excited for the one I got :p
    Yeah, Charlotte for example is trash but she's easily the best support unit in the entire game. Others are good either as a support or lead unit and then others are too good to really dedicate as a support unit.

    Pretty much, a lot of the supports more or less told you similar things about the character whereas before, each support pair gave you different info that you wouldn't learn from the other ones.

    Yeah, honestly I wish they gave out big rewards like this before since even just 2 Speedups and 2 RMLs is insane, even if the tiers are unrealistic to aim for usually. I've typically avoided doing anything except catching new Pokemon lately, all the rest is just a time sink that isn't really worth it. I've even stopped coin grinding as frequently.
    Yeah there's a lot of specific details in there and it can really make or break the viability of some characters. Selena for example can always fall back on her great supporting abilities with her classes if she starts sucking in the Strength department like she often does.

    Support conversations as we know them didn't start until FE6 with Roy, though there was a lot of refining that went into it. The problem with Awakening ones was more so the content of the supports and not so much the idea.

    Once you max out Rayquaza there's really not a lot of other Megas you need to bother with. I didn't even bother with Gengar because why waste one on a Mega that's worse than maxed Rayquaza in most instances. I only used the RMLs because I noticed they're a lot more generous with them now and figured I should use them instead of letting them sit around unused.
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