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Dramatic Melody

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  • Are you talking about rescuing, I assume? XD 'Cause I just had to do it - again - in the slope, though I was right by the stairs leading out of the dungeon for good. This game hates me.

    No point indeed. I have a tendency, however, to let myself stay stuck in toxic friendships, which is arguably worse than staying at a shitty job. Oops. And have I ever asked specifics about what you do? I've heard about magazines and research, but details are escaping my mind. XD

    My parents' argument is that the longer I stay out of school, the less motivated I'll be to ever go back. Which I guess makes sense, but I'll be even less motivated down the road if I end up in a career I don't want to do because I rushed my decision. And then I'll be in the same spot, with $30-40k more in debt.
    I honestly think it's an interesting break from common lengthy chapters. And since my attention span is short (at least, I feel like it's shorter than it used to be), reading in little breaks like that feels much easier.

    Nope (though Hyrule Warriors looks like a lot of fun! And I like Legend of Zelda :D), it's its own franchise. It's the same genre, though: just fight your way through enemies XD

    Thanks! Happy New Year to you too!!
    Even if you lost all motivation and cut it off right now, it'll always stand as a big and really cool accomplishment. It's the kind of idea that's so fun it makes you wonder why no one's done it before. I'll admit I'm pretty proud of Chromatic as a whole, although something about the one-shots makes them all blend together a little bit for me at this point. If you haven't read them, don't. Why did you die? deals with a touchy topic pretty messily (kind of like you said about Escape Rope, but looking it over it seems like you did a much better job than I did) and Mr. Dervish is just... weird. And obnoxious. I also forgot about Smart Kids, which is now in the bottom three. Let's just agree to leave the past in the past, heh. Hopefully our one-shots (and writing in general) will just continue to improve.

    Still, it's pretty cool that you finished. Whatever the quality, be proud. I haven't looked at Poetry's, but I read yours, and I really liked it! There is something really great about fragmentation (and repetition), and I think it made the story work a little better. I'll be sure to review in a little more detail if and when you get it posted!

    No plans at all, unfortunately. ._. I have an interview coming up with a company that writes educational materials, which isn't really what I want, but it's at least vaguely related to writing and (kind of) media, which is what I'm majoring in.
    Haha, well, I rescued myself on the 11th floor. Haven't quite had the courage to try again since, though. XD Maybe after I eat in a few minutes.

    It's going... well enough. If something makes me extremely miserable, I usually find a way to get the hell out of there. I already quit my other, part-time job, for example, because we got understaffed and it felt like I was working an extra 2-3 jobs covering everyone else's duties. It was a crisis hotline job, so you can only imagine the kind of BS you have to deal with there. As for the attendance sheets, you're supposed to submit them every week. Didn't know. I kept all of mine together regardless, though, so when they asked for them I gave them the past few months' worth. And heh, having someone to talk to is always good! That's one thing I'll miss about the crisis job I just mentioned - you generally can tell anyone anything and they'll respond with sympathy.

    XD Unrealistic, but for the wrong reasons! It's totally possible, but college students are procrastinators. ;) And heh, well, congrats on making it through, however long ago you graduated! I kind of wish I had just taken the excuse for an extra semester. My dad's been hounding me to re-apply for graduate school for a long time now, and I've barely been out of school 6 months. It's totally normal - and even encouraged - to take a whole YEAR off of school before re-applying. But nah, he wants me to apply now. Weird...

    The surprise visit went really well, yes. XD And ugh, my display shelf needs cleaning too... But those are the worst to remove items from and then having to reorganize...
    It's not necessarily a flaw, though if anyone is familiar with your work, then it might be a giveaway :p Hey, you do you, and if that means writing in fragments, then it's all good!

    I hadn't heard of Splatoon, so I just looked it up, and it looks like fun! I understand; I've been playing Dynasty Warriors non-stop over the holiday XD Though having to work on Christmas Day (or the 1st day of Christmas if you celebrate all 12 [like I do ]) seems rough... Thanks! They have been :)
    Nah it's more like the scariest physical attackers are just good enough to where they'll commonly be running special attacks tooo. Intimidate has no influence on that decision, Intimidate just doesn't have a sweeping influence over VGC like it did last year. Which has everything to do with the common Intimidators not being the best Pokemon in the format anymore.

    Probably, though it's an approach that didn't work out all that well since I don't think anyone likes the Valm segment. Didn't help that you don't care for Yen'fay even though you're clearly supposed to care.

    Well saving the money isn't going to help me in the long run since the games I'm holding out for aren't ones I'll be buying on the eShop, and the money I'd be spending on this game is already on my balance. I went for it though and so far I'm not regretting it. To be fair though it was between that and spending money on Pokemon Picross, and Picross doesn't have a sale going for it.
    Well, damn. XD I got off of work early today - only was there an hour - so I may try to get through that damn dungeon today. I have so many errands to run, though, and I'm not sure how long they'll take. NOOOO. But thanks for the switch party leader idea, I thought about it but I didn't know if it'd work. I don't know why I didn't just try it when I thought of it...

    I'm kind of jealous. :C My job, a daycare job, just throws people into classrooms and expects you to figure it all out on your own. Not a lot of us are certified teachers, nor is it what we went to school for. And there's just some rules you need to be told. I was just told today where to submit my daily attendance sheets, for example, and I've been working there since August. Uh-huh...

    Four essays due in the same week, or at least the same general time period? Oh, geez. I'd cry. XD That kind of workload on top of all my personal problems probablyyyyy would have forced me to decide to stay an extra year/semester.

    Ugh, well, here's to hoping it clears up completely soon! I ended up being told my family (the ones I didn't get to see on Christmas) were doing a surprise visit a couple nights ago, so I was actually motivated to get off my *** and clean. XD I can't believe how much less stressed I feel when home now, it's ridiculous. Should just clean more often.
    I saw you just celebrated the one year anniversary on tumblr for Trainers of Hoenn. It must feel good to keep something regularly updating that long, especially getting good reception for it. And I'm glad I was able to have some effect on you making 24 Months! It really is great, and obviously I'm on board with it being your favorite (second favorite, I guess, but still). As for me, it's hard to say. Fad definitely got the most attention, but I think White is probably the one where my intent and the execution really lined up the best, at least to me. All I know for sure is that Why did you die? and Mr. Dervish are the worst. :p

    That's honestly the reason I stick to one-shot. I've written a few chapters of a chaptered fic, but right now I don't think I'd be able to work on it quickly enough to post it without huge delays in between updates. Mostly I just appreciate Chromatic for always giving me something I can be working on if I don't have other ideas. I still obviously don't work on it enough, though. And I'll probably go take a look! I didn't realize you could view them all, but I haven't been following that closely since I wasn't participating. And you can always post in next Christmas. Sorry you had to turn in something you weren't happy with, though.

    I'm ready! Graduation and subsequent unemployment!
    It has an influence, but all of the biggest physical attackers also are prone to carrying dangerously strong special attacks too, and most of the Intimidate Pokemon are far less dangerous than they were last year. That's not to say Landorus-T and Salamence are no longer good, but it's also not as amazing to have that Intimidate utility.

    Yeah Say'ri was honestly kind of a boring character anyway. Doesn't help that she sort of takes away relevance from Robin and Lucina which makes things even more awkward.

    My problem comes with Fates being expensive enough to make me consider waiting on it, and that Pokken being a Wii U game means I won't even get to play it until Spring Break when I can go home for a bit (since my Wii U isn't going back with me to my apartment). I've actually considered Etrian Mystery Dungeon since that's on sale for $20 until shortly after New Year's but I'm hesitant for now.
    Just curious, but what is your favorite thing of all the stuff you've written? And that one-shot came around during a weird 5th gen renaissance thing I went through recently, so the pain of reading it coincided very well with my personal interests at the time heh. And tell me about it. Thankfully (?), we're experiencing a blizzard right now, so I'm stuck in my apartment and can't go to work.

    I hope so! I've written a little here and there lately, but progress is slow. Luckily Chromatic doesn't have cliffhangers or anything, so I won't be leaving anybody waiting with baited breath. And it seems like all your hard work paid off, since Starlight Aurate loved it! I noticed they also said it had an unusual format, so I have to ask, was it fragmented? On a side note, I always thought it was the weirdest thing that GSC/HGSS didn't have that many actually finish his building. That was, like, the one thing you would expect to be changed in Kanto.

    No rush! Getting the fic actually posted is the important part, after all.

    You too! I missed Christmas if you celebrate it, but happy almost new year!
    LOL, I'm in the Sheer Mountain Range, and I keep dying from hunger, of all things. I'm gonna be stuck in that damn dungeon forever. I'll look forward to what Mr. Nuzleaf does later on, though. All the adults writing letters to my characters encouraging them on their journey was cute, though...

    I've bought lots of electronics, used them, then returned them before. XD Hey, I only needed it as a one-time use, so why not, right?

    Well, ambition is a good trait to have in a boss, I'd say!

    That is fair. XD Though, in my college experience, I never really had to read a hundred pages in one night. I don't remember if I was assigned reading, and then just never did it, but... I know it was not a common thing that I came across, though it was for my friends.

    Darn, seems like a lot of people got a cold just in time for Christmas. :( I think I might be getting one, too, but it might just be allergies since I really, really need to dust my apartment. Oops.
    The formatting and writing style sorta gave it away xD And I totally got you; I put it off until December, thinking that things would slow down then and ended up crunching for time. Sorry to hear that you were so busy with work ^_^; And if anything, I should thank YOU for your reviews and for writing enjoyable fics in the first place!

    Glad to hear it! I hope you made your deadline--it honestly makes receiving this fic more worthwhile. Serebii Yuletide really does give us all something more to look forward to, and I'm so happy to go to the thread and see everyone gushing over the fics they all got :)
    It is, though typically it won't hold off on Mega Evolving very long unless you expect to switch out right away. Intimidate in general is far less influential than it used to be though.

    Yeah that's basically it, they sort of felt like they were there just to be there, which was made worse by the entire Valm segment in the story being pretty weak.

    The only problem I have is that I have no idea what I want to buy. I feel like I should find at least one new game to play but it feels like everything I want to play is something that isn't coming out until later. Probably not a bad thing but I also want something new to play over this month-long break. At least you've got time to relax now.
    So Mr. Nuzleaf is rebelling too as an adult... Muahahaha... I've never been fond of the mindset that the parent is always right, and this game has really irked me in that regard. So I love Mr. Nuzleaf. XD I heard Entei shows up at some point by the end of the chapter (spoilers, oh god!!!) but I'm not quite there yet...

    XD Let me just buy a Wii U, test it out, and just return the Wii U saying it's defective if I don't like it.

    Well, that's your boss's fault then, I suppose. Can't really get you guys in trouble if that was his/her less than stellar plan. XD And I will sometime... I imagine I'll wait till they're posted, as I've got to prioritize other fics first.

    Heh, Wikipedia is highly frowned upon here. But people definitely use it as a source for convenience. XD Some of my professors did, too, which was always awesome to see.

    Happy holidays to you too! They weren't too bad for me this year. What about for you?
    *Gives gigantic hug* I KNEW that you were the one who wrote the Yuletide fic for me! Thank you so, so much for it. As I said on the thread, it was absolutely wonderful and really made Christmas great. You're such a sweetheart, and I hope that your Christmas was also wonderful!
    Sableye is actually pretty mediocre in Doubles even without the legendaries allowed, its Mega even more so. Salamence is great, but only as a Mega since regular Salamence is pretty weak and frail with a non-STAB Double-Edge.

    Yeah, it definitely felt like a new game in an old region without feeling too similar or too different either. They really found a good balance between the two in this game and that's just another sign of how well they pulled things off in B2W2.

    Well that was still a problem since the children characters were very disjoint from the rest of the plot too, especially since they were optional chapters that didn't necessarily connect to the overall story. I'm already pretty ambivalent towards how that arc was handled though. But yeah music spoilers definitely aren't the same kind of spoilers unless the name ruins something, which to be fair often does.

    They've definitely been great but not as grand or fancy as tradition usually suggests. Didn't have any specific wants so I'll be figuring out what I want to go buy in the next few days. Hopefully yours have been great too.
    I do like the fact that Stationary's fragment dividers were part of the actual narrative, since they're just him checking the time. It makes the format a little more natural, I think. And I think the time was worth it, since I've liked it enough to reread it a few times. ^^; Sorry about the holiday work, though. That's never fun.

    I'm glad! It made me want to try different formatting in the future. I've been finished with finals for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately I'm just always finding something to distract me. :/ I've already written a portion, but I may have to change the idea since inspiration is just not coming.

    I didn't expect it either, but I guess I just felt inspired to review. You're welcome, and thank you for the review! I'm heading over there to respond right now!
    Haven't played yet... Haha... SOMEDAY SOON, THOUGH...

    It might help, but meh. XD I'd want to find someone with a Wii U/Splatoon before buying it first, of course. I'm not sure I know of anyone at the moment, but I know quite a few people I could ask!

    Who makes an important assignment due the day after the holiday? I'm not saying you'll do a bad job, but doesn't that kind of risk having someone blow it off in favor of spending time with family or something? Lame job! But congrats on submitting Yuletide, woo!

    XD It's okay, I forget what I'm reading all the time too. I'm convinced I could never really analyze a piece of literature because I'd be guaranteed to just forget something really, really important.
    Yeah, it's an archetype some people use in Battle Spot Singles as well as VGC last year, but Rayquaza is the biggest enabler of Double Mega by virtue of being the only good Mega in this VGC format who is still good without ever Mega Evolving.

    It definitely delivers on a lot of the gameplay elements that people always hope for in recent games, really if every game could be as good as that there'd be so much less complaining these days. But that's probably easier said than done.

    Probably, though I feel like the plot started to falter by the time you got Lucina anyway so the impact is kind of watered down by the game itself. That theme isn't the only late-game music track they've thrown in though, Time of Action from Radiant Dawn being another. And then the New Pork City stage in Brawl which is a place you don't even see until way late in the game.
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