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Dramatic Melody

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  • I don't think I'm going to end up entering X( I had some ideas, but then life and responsibility kicked in and I just didn't get around to it.

    You know I'm a sucker for that stuff lol. And thank you so much!!! Your review made my day! And looking back at it got me around to posting the next chapter--which is admittedly much different from the previous ones, but thanks so much for helping me get motivation to get back into this again!
    Yeah though I guess people really value his personal skill in efficiency runs which makes sense. He also can class change to Wyvern Lord which gives better stat bonuses too. And yeah even with Goddess Icons, Arthur will basically always be at risk of being crit because of his skill, though if it helps his own crit it's definitely got something worthwhile.

    Pretty much, and it made things more interesting when a seemingly uninteresting character is suddenly playing a real role in the main plot, even if it's just a little. Support conversations really go a long way for characterization though.

    Maybe, though if I'm being honest I still don't really use Shiny Gyarados much anyway. I've considered investing in Tyranitar but I stopped with the Escalation at 75 and didn't care enough to continue. Instead I've put in time to boost Groudon and Yveltal to level 15 since I've got a good stock of RMLs and it just makes me wish Rayquaza would get a level boost already too.
    Life as an adult is lots of job searching and way less time with friends than life as a student. So terrible haha.

    You've never played Snap? I was obsessed with that game when I was a kid! I never got a good picture of mew, though. :/ I guess I never thought about seasons being just slightly adjusted like that! I pray for winter all summer, though. I can't handle the heat, so I don't know how you do it!

    It's really fun! It's just a journey fic, so nothing exceptionally original, but they're my favorite genre so I love writing it ^^ And I saw you posted a new one-shot (which I'm going to review soon!)! How's your writing going?

    It's sort of a decision-based game where you and a group of people are trying to escape a sinking ship, if I'm remember right. I had to give it back to my friend when she moved, so I never finished :'( And I really like rhythm games, but I'm terrible at them haha. There's a reason I'm not a dancer or musician.
    Aw thanks! Admittedly I haven't started writing it, just been getting ideas together lol.

    And I read the HOH story that you linked to in your reply to me, the one about the Team Aqua grunt who fell in love with another Team Aqua grunt who was in love with a Team Magma grunt. It was SO SWEET! I squee'd when I read it (both times). Your stories are the best!
    Yeah support utility is an important part for some characters, apparently Gunter in Revelation is actually really good for efficiency runs because of his personal skill which is specifically designed for supporting Corrin. And yeah, Arthur's personal skill gives him and the opponent a reduced Dodge stat, with means he'll be critted more especially with his non-existent luck. But he's usually bulky enough to get critted by non-Magic without being completely destroyed.

    Most games usually have some group of people that's already familiar joining your party, but there were plenty of unknown characters coming your way, while the ones that already knew your party were less common.

    That's what I'm hoping, though Mega Gyarados being a Water-type has me doubting it a bit. Though unlike Gyarados, Rayquaza doesn't change type upon Mega Evolving so there's also that. I've been feeling the same with Tyranitar, though I went ahead and maxed Garchomp anyway. Probably going to hold onto the rest for now even though I could max out Tyranitar though.
    Haha oh wow, with you going up against me in past contests and leaving some really nice reviews on some past contest entries and other fics of mine I'm really looking forward to what you think of my entry judging this contest!
    The judges for this contest are American--Pi, Dramatic Melody, JX Valentine, and [Imaginative]:[Clockwork].
    Nice! Congrats on getting chosen to be a judge :p I'll do my best to please you and the others XD
    Yeah, her best use is as a support which she's admittedly really good at, but actual combat is better left to any other axe user. When I tried using her on Revelation Lunatic she honestly had just as much risk of being critted as Arthur while being way less tanky so she doesn't even have that advantage over him.

    Definitely, it's a lot less interesting when most of the characters are there just because they serve the important characters already, the whole feel of a ragtag group fighting for a cause is a lot more interesting than people who mostly have some familiarity with each other.

    Yeah that was pretty lame, though we at least got the Johto starters out of it even though they're procrastinating Feraligatr which is bugging me. I want to use Speedups but I'm too paranoid of shiny Rayquaza coming and being even better but requiring a good deal of Speedups too. Given Rayquaza itself is still so good I can afford to hoard them, though the decent amount of Speedups we're getting recently I might use a few on Garchomp soon finally.
    Haha let's just both agree with have busy lives. And it is! I'm still looking for outside work, but I'm working there full time now until I can find it. And I'm moving into my first single-person apartment in a few days, so that's exciting!

    I saw that! I really just wish they'd port all the old ones over. I'd love to have the option to have a fully digital Pokemon library, even if I'd keep buying the physical copies. Speaking of, whereabouts do you live if we don't have the same summer?

    It's honestly just something I like to open when I'm bored or stuck and write on a little bit. It's really relaxing knowing I'm not updating on a schedule haha. Maybe someday, though.

    I feel that. I always play it when I'm at my friends' house, but I'd probably never buy it myself, even if I did have a Wii U. My friend has me playing 999 now, which is also a huge time killer! I keep going back to OmegaRuby, though.
    Well Charlotte is kinda hard to use considering her best use is as a Xander support, which means she'll literally never be used. And competes with Arthur who's around from the moment the run starts basically.

    I'd say Blazing Sword and Path of Radiance did it best plot-wise and character-wise, there's a good mix of character relevance in the story though naturally some get more attention than others. There's also significantly more of characters joining for their own reasons as opposed to a lot of Awakening and Fates characters coming along just because they already knew an important character and/or served them.

    I've barely touched that card so far, just doing everything else that they throw at us and avoiding the stress of trying to finish those challenges, the 100 combo one on that old cards took me so long as it is. I'm hoping the new stages aren't too crazy, though with 50 new stages you can never be too sure.
    I actually tried to use Nyx as a support bot for Corrin in Conquest Lunatic but then I realized Felicia is just a better Magic support for Corrin since she can be Strategist and requires way less effort to use. She might be a good Leo support and she was an okay Hayato support in Revelations though, mainly to give him Sorceror.

    Nah the story thing is a weakness of the series as a whole, unless you mean the "most people just retreat and don't actually die" part, which was started in Awakening. Past games had it too but it was rare cases like characters that served as the party's tactician in the story.

    They definitely still keep doing questionable things and have done some things that come off as super money-grabbing like Mission Card #9, but yeah the amount of new content has been relatively tame which is nice. I've actually barely touched the game this week since my coin count is high and don't care enough to level grind stuff right now.
    Indeed, and exposure on any site like that is good!

    Yeah, it still gets hits despite no activity. But Daily (the one I'm currently working on) is going pretty well!

    That's a pity. I have an Android phone which was luckily up to date enough. (Bonus it can emulate DS games too. :B)
    First I heard of the Daily Dot, but that's pretty neat!

    Have you played any Pokemon GO yet? Don't think it is out officially in your area... =/

    Btw, I went and looked at some stats out of curiosity. Your "Top 5 Best Ways to Make Your Pokémon Game Run More Challenging" article on Wynaut has nearly 3,000 views now. :B
    I actually tried using Nyx for a bit as a support bot for Dragonstone Corrin but eventually swapped her out for Felicia since Strategist gives a neat +1 Move and then her personal skill buffs Corrin.

    Yeah a lot of time has passed but honestly not too much has been added, which I'm okay with. Skill Swappers are great but they're probably going to get the Raise Max Level treatment where nothing new gets to make use of them, but the ones that currently can use them are mostly amazing ones like Pyre Ho-Oh and Mega Boost Ampharos. I did like it a lot, my biggest worry was that the game was just going to be the same game with a new coat of paint, but it was still very enjoyable with just enough to make it feel somewhat fresh.
    Yeah, each character offers a unique niche in the long run, though some are less obvious at first like Niles. Nyx is the only exception I've seen, everyone seems to regret using her at all after Chapter 10.

    I stopped at 50, other than doing an item run for Abomasnow and now getting Kingdra, the only thing I've done in Shuffle is trying to finish the mission cards. Unfortunately a 120 combo is criminally luck-based. It is, it's an amazing entry in a genre that's suffered a lot in recent years, old school JRPGs aren't very common anymore so people who enjoy that genre almost always like Bravely Default and Bravely Second. It also has a ton of convenience features that can make the game harder or easier depending on your preferences.
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