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Dramatic Melody

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  • Yeah, they could always try something different but if it's anything like Pinsir or the Safari then nobody will like it. Though given how even the regular stages are who knows? All I want is to be able to use Attack Power in the EX stages, that's good enough for me honestly.

    Thanks! I could say the same about the XY skin though an orange name in general is going to stand out when there are less of them around. Especially when I'm one of the ones who's not in invisible mode.
    Yeah I hope they do more of it for the standalone Pokemon, especially since those stages tend to be relatively easy in comparison. And there's a lot of standalone Pokemon. Attack Power is my favorite item honestly, if we could use it on more stages I'd use it more often but it's almost never an option I feel. Doubling your attack is huge though so I see why it's not often an available item.

    Yeah, though from what I've gotten in Super Mario Galaxy 2 she barely has a role in this game.
    I did - some for me, some for friends. One day I will make a merch. forum post about the stuff I have...!

    Ah cool. Good luck with keeping it going!

    Haha, flattery can get you somewhere with me. =p I have actually finished both writing and a first-run edit of a multi-chaptered fic quite recently - beta editing is the next stage for it! It's a slice of life story about a Gym trainer which isn't the usual sort of trainer you see fic about, I suppose... It's also not a comedy like TROPC or Fairy Tale, so that's something different for me. We'll see if it turned out alright!
    Yeah, though I'm not confident in how the future stages will turn out unless they dump a ton of things into Daily Stages like they did for Sigilyph and friends. Regirock's stage is awful, there's no other way to describe it. I hope that this one is the worst of the three though.

    Well I probably won't play Earthbound again anytime soon but it was definitely enjoyable. I'm sure Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be just as enjoyable though.
    Tell me about it. > < I got sick and had to call off of work yesterday, and oh boy, were they ever not happy. They (subway - FOOD SERVICE) wanted me to come in anyway even though I was clearly a health hazard. Uh huh...

    I did see the review, thank you! As usual it makes me want to write more. xD
    Yeah, it's nice since Rayquaza comes with Dragon Ascent which saves you the 5 diamonds it takes to buy a Mega Stone for any other Pokemon. They'll probably have both eventually, we do have renders for all the Megas and major legendaries already, after all. Blaziken is honestly the hardest EX stages after Xerneas/Yveltal/Mewtwo/Genesect. Maybe on par with Heatran but definitely harder than the rest.

    Yeah, overall they're very fun and quirky games. There's not a lot to dislike about them, though if you like balance and parity then Earthbound might get on your nerves a bit with that.
    Yeah making up a stone for it would just be lame especially after Rumble World was able to just go the "comes with Dragon Ascent and can Mega Evolve" route. I almost think they should do the Kanto starters first, partly because they're not only easier to catch but also lower power. Unless they have an amazing ability the Hoenn starters might just be outright better. Venusaur is the one who's most at risk since it's literally Sceptile but worse. Blaziken better be amazing for all the frustration it took to catch it.

    That's possible, I'm in no rush to hear info though so they can take as long as they need to show off stuff.

    They're very different games, even from each other. Earthbound kind of feels like a parody of standard RPG's but then Mother 3 is much more story-driven and less unbalanced. If you know nothing about either I'd suggest trying them before you get accidentally spoiled. I haven't played Galaxy 2 much but I'm told it's like the first one but better so that's something.
    I was in NY 19th-21st March... dang, we weren't far off! ._.

    I just crafted a whole draft, haha. Cheers for the post, it was useful!

    Might milestone may that have been? And I'm also doing alright. Been busy as usual, but at least that means stuff is interesting!

    Nice to see you continue the Humans of Hoenn btw. Been enjoying the additions. =)
    That is true! Sometimes I just get the itch to write though, everyone be damned. Like right now. Too bad I have work in an hour...

    I followed you, though I don't use tumblr much. Will definitely get to the posted chapter on here soon though. :)
    Yeah I'm still curious on how they'll do that since Rayquaza straight-up has no Mega stone but it has a slot for one in the Pokemon list all the same. Obviously they can't use the "know Dragon Ascent" route so maybe it'll be Meteorite. That is a good point though, we don't know when Salamence will pop up and if the Mega will be a regular stage or another competition, at which point Rayquaza still has all the good stuff for it locked until very late. Would be nice to see the other starter Megas though, we already got Blastoise after all.

    I'm expecting we'll hear something either in the next few days for Corocoro or next month, I know we heard about ORAS first in May and there is that announcement whatever it is, so now is the time for people to start expecting Pokemon news.

    For Wii U I just have Smash Bros, though I've also got Earthbound and recently downloaded Super Mario Galaxy 2 thanks to Club Nintendo. The latter will keep me busy for awhile after I go home for the summer, and then Pokemon is always a thing.
    Yeah, I'd want to bet that any Dragon Mega would fall under a similar category since the best Mega we have for that is Glalie, who's locked until relatively late and is also a literal wall for people to beat. Meanwhile Altaria is kind of unspectacular and then Xerneas is not an easy catch. The best team would probably be Glalie/Xerneas/any two of Dragonite/Rayquaza/Haxorus/Articuno. Pinsir is an awful event, if they had it be an event that was longer than like 5 days it wouldn't be so awful. The stage itself isn't so bad either, it's just that "once a day" gimmick.

    I just think Battle Frontier has turned into an awful subject now just because of how entitled people feel about it and how they're confident we needed it for ORAS to be any good (none of which is true). Making it DLC would probably make people angry with "it should've already been in the game" complaints.

    I mean I know I'd like Mario Kart since it's a series I've always enjoyed but I've just never gone out to get it. I guess having other games to play has contributed to that, possibly.
    Since love and other nightmares has been so well-received, that's kind of been a more sharing fic for me. I was actually thinking about dropping the fic for a while, and then the awards came up... Everyone was super nice to the fic. > <

    There's similar topics I tend to take on in each fic, but yeah. xd

    I love Tumblr, haha. What's your fic link on there?
    I did not realise we both went to NintendoWorld in NY within a month or two of each other! :eek:

    (Btw, seen threads in the magazine section of late? And how goes in general?)
    Yeah that should be fine I think. It sure seems like there are larger and more frequent score gaps in this competition since there's way more potential for stupid high combos but at the same time having most of the good Pokemon for the competition be locked until later in the game.

    Obviously there will always be people that are skeptical and angry with DLC as an idea, but I'd say that objectively speaking they're doing a much better job than most other companies do with DLC.

    Music is a big deal in Smash, there's just so many songs in the game that having a favorite song in the game is almost like having your favorite character be a fighter. I still don't have MK8 though, I've said I'll get it eventually but it still hasn't happened.
    Ahaha, I feel like that's an apology I should be making. I'm finally settled with my own place and unpacked all of my stuff. We still need a couch though.

    You're allowed to be fat on your birthday =) Just the two, but Mountain View is like the size of ten put together. I have plans to visit another two or three before the end of the year! Also I'm oncall which is scary but also wicked awesome. I get to fix all the things.

    I think the novelty wears off. I thought it was awesome and looked really cool, and was okay with wearing a bajillion layers of clothing so I could see it. Might go back sometime time.
    Ahh. I think it's a bit of both of that for me, now that I think about it. Originally I started writing to share my thoughts, but then I ended up identifying with my own characters and thus it unintentionally became self-expression. And haha, doesn't sound pretentious at all!

    Haha, thank you! I hope you enjoy it! It's different than Flying in the Dark, though. All my fics are different.

    Haha, yeah, reviews usually inspire me to keep writing. Woo, file 4!
    I just used items and I'm just sitting on my score right now, wasn't that great compared to how well I could've done but it's more than good enough.

    Yeah, they haven't really thrown out DLC that makes you feel like you're locked out of important content unless you buy it, which is a good thing. The other good thing with Smash DLC is that it's not Day 1 DLC, this is all obviously stuff they started after the game went out on the Wii U.

    Smash Wii U is very nice, even though I'd been a completionist with stuff on the 3DS it still felt different doing it all on the Wii U. I definitely didn't regret getting both.
    Oh nice, that sounds like a lot of fun! Are you writing for them or doing other things?

    I'm in my third year now, graduating next year. Time flies yeah? :p

    Yeah haha summer ended a couple months ago, we're heading into winter now unfortunately. Really enjoyed my time in the Philippines though! And lol, I guess that's what life after school is like :,(
    Well you have Gengar, right? I'm sure that'll give you the best shot in this competition. I'm not a fan of Mega Blastoise though.

    Yeah, I'm sure a lot of people were apprehensive of how Nintendo would manage DLC but at this point I think most people are okay with how they've managed DLC so far. Of course there will always be skeptics.
    No, it was a serious question. xD Oops, sorry!

    Ahh, but you must read them!!! I'd recommend them all!!! ...Guess that doesn't help, does it?

    Yeah, LOL. You inspired me to finish those chapters and post, congrats.
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