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Dramatic Melody

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  • Ah, okay. I haven't played those either, but still, it's pretty cool! Heh, maybe more "ask about how much one can possibly fangirl over Hoenn teams" would be a better way to put it ^_^;

    Aw, thanks! I've been working on my main fic more recently, since I've suddenly gotten these inspiration surges (of course, they're all for later parts of the story; what I'm trying to write now is just really hard for me to put in words. Funny how that happens, isn't it?). But I will get around to it and put it up. Thanks for your apparent interest; it really means a lot :)
    Oh, hah. Writing is my only passion, really. I guess it's good I started young. xd I updated Flying in the Dark, by the way.
    Oh, well either way the closer you get to it the better. Mewtwo's stage is no easy task either, though. Took a lot of practice to actually beat it with more than 1 second remaining.

    He seems to have his same moveset from Brawl (just like Mewtwo having his Melee set), but yeah they are noticeably different. The only things that are similar are his specials and side smash though even there they have very different properties. I've already seen people complain and call it greedy that he's DLC instead of being in the original roster because he's "just a clone" which is very disappointing, though these people are the minority. And yeah probably, who knows what character(s) they'll actually add though.
    Oh that's difficult, +5 Turns made S ranking some of the stages so much easier but if you've got that many then that's impressive.

    Yup, hope he's good because I'll be playing him a lot as soon as he's released. I hope he's coming out early June and not late.
    I assume that's from Black and White? I haven't played those games, so I'm just guessing ^_^; But yeah, grunts rock!

    I really WANT to revise it, especially when I see everyone else posting revisions of their contest entries and how well they all turned out. But when I get around to trying to do it, I just end up looking at a blank screen without any idea of where I want to go or what I want to do lol.
    I plan on getting around to it someday, though.
    Yeah, that tends to be the case with remakes I guess, and now most discussion consists of "Delta Episode was bad because we have no Battle Frontier" or "HG/SS were way better remakes."

    Oh, well at least you got past Onix. That one is awful too. The nice thing is you don't have to S rank all of the first 150 stages for Mewtwo, just any of the 165.

    I'm not sure what "Discrete" means either but it's definitely a different spelling. Not sure even my professor had a good definition on what it actually means.
    Ah, yes. Everyone's been there, no worries!

    You don't wanna know, believe me. XD I was 8 years old when I started, if that says anything.
    Yeah, though it would be nice to see more activity since Pokemon forums in general have been kinda quiet lately. Though I'll probably wish for it be quieter as soon as news comes up.

    Definitely, I ended up using a lot of +5 Turns for S ranks and then Disruption Delays on top of that for later Mega stages like Gengar that are just awful otherwise. You don't usually get a lot of time to farm stuff until you've got a lot of things done though and you're better off just playing through until you get stuck anyway.

    It's definitely a weird class, if the name alone doesn't give it away. I'll definitely need the luck, it's probably the toughest math class I've had so far.
    Hey there! I just thought I'd let you know that I went onto tumblr and read the Humans of Hoenn that you have there, and oh my gosh, the ones about the Team Aqua and Magma grunts loving each other were just perfect. I didn't know if you would ever see this if I just edited it on to my last post, and I didn't feel like this was enough to make a new post about, but I really wanted you to know that I thought those two were awesome and that I really appreciate how you wrote them!


    I'll be sure to read your fic when you post it - although I do remember that the entire thing is in the results, so I'll probably head over there and read it shortly. :D
    Heh, there's really no reason to do that. In fact, there's plenty of reason NOT to do that lol. But thanks for the thought :)
    Hey - just wanted to say in response to your review reply that I haven't read your academy fic. I meant I -would- read one by you, if you were to write one in the future. xD Sorry to scare you???
    Things have been slow lately so not much has really changed, especially with little information on games in all fronts. So are you going to like New York or something then?

    I feel it's meant to be played casually so the heart system doesn't bother me much. So far I've S ranked all 165 main stages and have everything possible caught. Making smart use of coins is definitely key for some of the stages and S ranks though, glad we can farm coins from Meowth's main stage and grind EXP on Ampharos to work through that.

    Linear Algebra is fun and it's probably the most enjoyable math class I've had so far, but Discrete Math is really abstract and I'm not sure I like it. As long as I pass that class I'm okay with it though.
    Thank you for your review of Crater Dreams!

    I've noticed from your review and others that I seem to have focused more on the plot than the characters? Which I'll try to avoid next time, I do better with character-driven stories.
    Hope it was an awesome one =)

    Trip was so good, I got to tourist around San Francisco and Zurich. Plus working and meeting amazing people. I kinda miss the other offices actually.

    Snow is quite strange when it's actually snowing, it's semi solid but still falling like rain. Coming back for the end of summer was a bit of a shock XD
    Yeah, his moves are just very unfriendly for All-Star and it was probably the most frustrating experience I had in All-Star.

    It is a lot to keep track of, though luckily the subjects are so drastically different that it's easy to keep track of what each class is doing. Though there is definitely one I like more than the other.

    I did something today that I thiiink was important. But I still haven't gotten past the brain overload and maybe never will.

    Squirrels are awesome and I'm sad to leave them. Nope, I thought Taco Bell was exclusively American. I also went to a Starbucks, we had maybe a couple of them a while back but they didn't work out and all closed. Mostly I've just been working. Also there's snow here which is so weird yet awesome.
    Well it's mostly because he has no move that can KO in All-Star without considerable lag, which made it very frustrating since the damage I'd take in the process adds up fast.

    Taking two different math classes keeps me busy sometimes but given that I've structured my schedule around it, things have been reasonably manageable.
    I mean you could blame the fact that I was doing All-Star on Hard with every character but it was actually not that bad for most characters. Villager was the one who gave me the worst time when I tried to do it as him, and the fact that the enemy's indirect attacks aren't nerfed like direct attacks are made it even more annoying since high percentages were not uncommon.
    Yeah, I hopefully start doing important things soon. It's mostly just a brain overload right now XD

    I'm in the land of those crazy Americans. I keep getting overexcited when I see a squirrel (I've never seen real ones before) and people look at me weirdly. I can't think of what stuff I can only do in America that I should try... Currently I've tried the burger place In N Out, and found a flavour of chips they stopped selling in Australia 15 years ago. Maybe I should find a Taco Bell.
    Well you wouldn't need to worry much about losing balloons since the Miis don't use specials to hit you off the edge. I don't know though, I've never tried much with Villager after a terrible experience with him in All-Star so I wouldn't know if this actually gets any KO's.
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