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Dramatic Melody

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  • Yeah, family relations are weird like that. I remember one of my friends in school had an aunt who was years younger than him.

    It is annoying, especially if you mess up the counter and get punished for it. Villager could probably bait the Miis off the edge with his recovery but I don't know how well that works.
    Working feels so weird. Suddenly I'm getting money for arguably doing less than what I did at uni, and at uni I had to pay for it. Also I feel really young again XD

    Valentines day is over a month away. But speaking of, I uh won't actually be in this timezone then. I'll be in Switzerland! Booked everything yesterday, I leave for America on Friday.
    Oh, yeah that's very different. Some of my aunts and uncles are grandparents already and I've technically been an uncle for years now because of how large the family margins are. There's lots of family I never remember the names of.

    There are some tricks to getting a better score, particularly in abusing the fact that the Miis have bad recovery. If you can launch them far enough off the edge they won't be able to make it back with their lame double jump and they'll instantly die. Easier said than done but certain moves like Counter can help with that.
    Oh, I get that problem all the time, it doesn't help when both of your parents are the youngest in huge families by a wide margin.

    Yeah, though some of it has been frustration from some of the challenges, especially stuff like getting 8 KO's in Cruel Smash as Lucina.
    Ooh, that's so awesome! You've started by now, enjoying it? I started today actually. It has been really crazy recently.

    I'm now GMT+10 I think? So half an hour ahead of what I was. And yeah it's daylight savings, usually +9.
    Ah, I see. So not too complicated is it? And yeah, I got Smash Wii U though that one had to be paid with my own money. It was worth it though and I'm still not regretting buying both versions.
    Ah, I see. Multiple houses? I only went to one family's house but a number of us met there. Got myself a Wii U today so that's cool, I can now get Smash Wii U.
    New job? =D What kind of stuff will you be doing? Also old gen games aren't 3D, and 3D is fun.

    Ah right, it would be humid there. I forget other people have other seasons XD I have to get used to another time zone too.

    Have a great Christmas =D
    As long as you're both on your games at the same time I'm sure it'll be fine.

    Thanks, do you celebrate Christmas? I'm going to visit family tomorrow since it's the day before and all. No idea what I'll be doing in the days after though.
    Is it a problem with your 3DS or was it just a matter of not having your Streetpass working properly at the right time? If your friend has it then you shouldn't have much trouble getting it in the near future though.
    Ah, so at least you know it's in the area, that's always a good first sign for an event like this. You'll probably have it sooner than you think.
    You never know, I've seen quite a few people getting their Eon Ticket despite thinking they would never get it in their area.
    Oh, so the huge array of legendaries outside of free Deoxys isn't a big deal for you then, is it? I had to reset for a really good Eon Ticket Latias since I needed a one in case I don't want Defog, luckily I got a good one pretty fast.
    You could try Ho-oh/Lugia, whichever game you're playing. Given that they can't get their Hidden Ability they don't have much use competitively and those two are nice shinies. Do you plan to reset for any competitive legendaries, at least?
    Well all I know is Swagger is never fun.

    Oh, of all the legendaries in the game none of the shinies interest you? Well who knows, maybe you'll get one by accident like I accidentally got a shiny Regirock.
    I think it's more about minimizing unnecessary luck and the fact that one character is actively imposing luck onto the game, but yeah in the end SwagPlay is just anti-fun.

    Oh, nice, do you have any plans to get shiny legendaries now that the only shiny locked ones are Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza/Deoxys? I'm in the process of getting shiny Reshiram at the moment.
    Ooh, I've always looked at Fire Emblem and thought it was cool. I don't actually know why I've never bought one. All these games to play and I don't have long until I'm working, gonna have to step it up.

    With honours and stuff =D And a lot of student debt.

    Sorry, ranting on interstate weather. It was terrible, but I'm home now and far away from it. Until I move closer in about two weeks XD
    Well the problem with SwagPlay is that it takes no skill or thought to use and relies entirely on luck to win games, which isn't really fun and takes the whole strategy element away. Baton Pass is still a problem too, but the difference with Baton Pass teams is that there are better ways to stop Baton Pass than there is SwagPlay, and the former doesn't rely on luck in the same way that SwagPlay does which is ultimately why people hate SwagPlay.
    Yeah, I can live without the other clauses but if nothing else I think Species Clause is necessary for it to feel at all like a tier and not just a mess. SwagPlay would be a lot less common and that's what I think is the biggest problem that's keeping it from being the most fun it could be.
    I didn't get anything bundled, just bought them at the same time. Thinking about getting Brawl =) Oh oops, I meant Ocarina of Time. Any other fun games you'd recommend?

    Not quite, but I did fine =) Nothing stopping me from graduating now!

    Far out, where I live must be incredibly dry. I'm on holidays and the humidity is absolutely killing me, like I could stand a 40 degree day, but it was 90% humidity this morning and more like 30 and I was dying.
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