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  • Well I still don't see why it necessarily needed to be a tier where anything is allowed when Mega Rayquaza alone is what caused the tier to be created. It's definitely still the single strongest thing in the tier but I'd find it a lot more fun if we didn't have to deal with all of these really obnoxious troll teams.
    Yeah, I think the whole execution of a new tier is a bit flawed. Considering this tier was created because of Mega Rayquaza you'd think it would just be a regular banlist and would function similarly to RBY Ubers, only everything revolving around Mega Rayquaza instead of Mewtwo. But we also have almost no clauses, which in retrospect seems like a very arbitrary thing to do when they had nothing to do with the tier being created in the first place.
    Yeah, the only people who really want to play that are [sometimes] people like me who want to use Mega Rayquaza and people who like 6 Klefki teams and Moody spam, which means more trolls. If they really wanted it to simulate in-game battling there definitely would be clauses (at least species), and there honestly should be. Some people seriously want Endless Battle Clause removed in favor of a 1 hour timer, I don't see what is gained by not having these clauses. This tier was created through Mega Rayquaza, not trolling strategies, so I don't get why the tier that's meant to be the home of Mega Rayquaza has to be filled with all this hax.
    Possibly, though I wonder when/if they'll actually ban other things. Klefki is just so anti-fun with the lack of species clause, I'd like it so much more if there was still a species clause. I want to be able to use Mega Rayquaza in a tier where the game isn't so heavily saturated with 6 Klefki teams, I can live without the rest of the clauses in place. Not that Mega Rayquaza isn't already the most threatening offensive Pokemon in Anything Goes, though.
    Yeah, it's definitely in the realm of possibility that other stuff gets banned but I doubt many things will be banned. Xerneas getting nearly 50% usage wasn't enough to get that banned, after all. Primal Groudon will be the new defining threat in Ubers, though that actually helps base Rayquaza as well because Air Lock means Surf still hits it. I think Rayquaza will be better in this tier than it was in XY but I don't know when I'll get into this Ubers tier. I've been gone for awhile so I haven't had time to try these new tiers though I'll definitely be doing this Anything Goes tier with a Safeguard Klefki to protect Rayquaza from SwagPlay spammers.
    Yeah, I like how distinct the characters are so I'm very okay with how the admins turned out. Turns out they came to a decision that I can live with in regards to Mega Rayquaza though. They banned him from Ubers, but in doing so created a new tier where anything can be used. This includes using multiple Pokemon of the same species and no sleep clause but I'm just glad there's a tier where Mega Rayquaza can be used. I just wish there was a tier where we could use it with standard clauses in place but I can't ask for everything.
    Well, I may have bought it for the sole purpose of playing Pokemon. I think I got a Mario game with my 3DS that I never played? Bought Oracle of Time on the online store, and that's really it.

    Should get my marks in the next few days =D So close.
    Yeah, it does seem to appear relatively often though so I'm not too worried. It is nice they didn't force us to trade the new game equivalent of the legendary for others though.

    The characterizations are really nice, and it's the reason why I think this Tabitha is way better than slightly fancy generic grunt Tabitha. Well a lot of these people complaining don't even pay attention to story implications, which make a lot of sense in this case, but I still also think that the worry about Mega Rayquaza being too much for Ubers might be just a little over-concerned and maybe even ban-happy. Since the combination of Mega Rayquaza/Primal Groudon/Arceus-Normal is what's tearing things apart right now and not solely Rayquaza on its own.
    I think some people have said it depends on time of day but I think it is random. Some of the legendaries are much simpler though, like Giratina requiring Dialga and Palkia. Best part is that in cases that require other legendaries they don't need to be caught in ORAS to work.

    Yeah, the plot still felt like the usual Pokemon plot but they added a lot of subtle things that made the plot so much better, as well as incredible plot presentation in general. Dialogue-wise, seeing Maxie say he'll bury you by his hand during the Mt. Chimney battle was a drastic thing to say for a Pokemon game. We knew what was coming, but it was different enough to feel exciting for once, which FR/LG and HG/SS failed to do for me. They're definitely taking the "legendary" thing more seriously now. People think Game Freak was had no idea what they were doing when they decided to let Mega Rayquaza hold items but given that they literally portray it as a god, I think they knew exactly what they were doing. Some people just take their complaints way too seriously.
    I'm sorry, but if you have a Flygon you're clearly copying me =) But that's okay, I take it as a compliment. I bought both Diamond and Pearl, and Fire Red and Leaf Green. Otherwise I've only ever gotten one as well. Very glad I got an XL, so worth it.
    I actually hadn't told him yet so I guess he's getting things a little at a time. It is annoying since the only TM's I need are Mirage Spot TM's. And that Cresselia's Spot is the only legendary one that's random like that.

    Yeah, the Delta Episode did everything right, the plot was actually very impressive comparable to even a regular plot for a Pokemon game, only actually very interesting. I'm surprised they were serious that Rayquaza's Mega Evolution was directly tied to its biology, which is weird since they never go into Pokemon biology, especially on a legendary. Some people are just really whiny, Battle Frontier was awesome but it's not a perfect post-game since not everyone does it.
    Oh, that's where Substitute is? Yeah, I'll try to let him know about it, he has it listed as being found on SS Tidal but doesn't know why. I spent a long time trying to find it there but couldn't.

    People are saying this remake is the worst one just because there's no Battle Frontier, and that's just absurd. Some people seem to prioritize complaining about what we don't have as opposed to what we do have. Frontier would have been cool but it's nothing worth crying over. A lot of people just won't bother with the 50 win streak, though, since it's a lot more time and effort than they want to put in.
    SS Tidal on the lower level, it's in the top left corner. If I found more items at once I would but I don't feel like posting for just one item, even if it's important.

    It was pretty cool, though people took it the wrong way. The music in general was fantastic though and I loved every bit of it. The battle backgrounds are insanely good though, I wish so much that we could pick battle backgrounds for online battles especially with these ones. It's honestly really scary, but the downside is you need to get a 50 win streak in the Maison to rematch him again so a lot of people will be locked out of rematching Wally.
    Yeah, I also found Leftovers for him, so I've been helping out. Nothing worth posting in the discoveries thread though. And yes, finding this stuff underwater is evil especially with no grid based movement.

    Everything that needed fixing got fixed, and I'm glad about that. As far as I'm concerned Delta Episode makes up for no Frontier. The plot of it was so good, even for a Pokemon game. The music in Sky Pillar onwards is incredible too, it was an amazing end to it. As good as Zinnia's theme is though, the Emerald Frontier theme is my favorite in the game. Wally's theme on its own isn't incredible, but with that background and considering his rise from nothing it fits very well. Way better than a generic battle theme or even giving him May/Brendan's theme.
    I'm taking my time a lot more =) Five badges right now, doing a little Pokedex building. All the new things are so awesome, I mean, Lavaridge gym is incredible. The sneaking up on Pokémon is cool and does actually make logical sense. Been going with the flow in regards to my team as well. Needed a Trapinch =D It's funny because I keep remembering playing the exact same bits on Ruby when it came out.
    Yeah, basically. Turns out I found the Lustrous Orb and a few plates before him though but I just told him directly instead of posting in the thread since it's easier if he just posts a link to the full item list page.

    I didn't sleep at all from the moment I got it at midnight. I got sleep today though, completed Delta Episode and doing other stuff. I took my time to reset for a competitive Rayquaza and despite the amount of time it took it was worth all the effort. Delta Episode was an amazing plotline and I love what they did to the game's plot as a whole.
    Ahaha yeah. At least the money bit won't be so bad.

    Oh, you mean buy things like ALPHA SAPPHIRE and a 3DS XL? And choose a MUDKIP? Because I have =D The real reason I didn't just start work early.
    Yeah, though the irony is that in the first post of the discoveries thread he points out that he and the rest of us will be contributing but since he got the game earlier than us we don't actually have to do anything. I mean I see that solely as a gameplay complaint it makes some sense, but it's still not a very good reason to mark it down so much as a result. 7.8 is a joke of a rating. At the same time though one single rating isn't going to change many people's decision to get the game or not.
    Yeah, it's weird how Joe already finished the game and I still have 8 hours before I even get my game. The water complaint is weird. Yeah, it's a valid complaint to not like the amount of water but having that contribute so much to a 7.8/10 is just stupid. There's no way anyone should expect less water that R/S anyway.

    I've only got Golden Sun 4 for my impossible game wishes at the moment, that's all I need.
    You'll probably be too busy doing the latter to worry about lamenting the things the game "should have had" anyway. Unless you hate the amount of water there's not a whole lot to complain about.

    Yeah, though I still don't really like Pokemon Snap anyway so I'm okay with that never happening. I'm not eager to get anything on like that yet anyway since ORAS is at the front of my mind right now, no need for me to ask for anything else at the moment.
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