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Dramatic Melody

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  • Yeah, all the speculation ends soon/now, it'll all be complaints about what did and didn't get included from here on out. People can complain all they want though, it won't stop me from enjoying the games just like whining in X/Y didn't stop me from liking those.

    It's not impossible I guess, but given how long it's been I'd be very surprised if they pulled something out like that this generation. If not this generation then probably never, though.
    Awesome =D Sounds like a lot of fun. I quite like Guitar Hero and that's a rhythm game. People on the internet are insane good at things.

    I did it =D I finished uni and now I'm kinda vegging out. Painted my nerf gun =D
    Ah, datamining of the new Pokemon Bank patch also revealed some good information about items and number of Megas so there's another thing to avoid there. I'm getting OR since I got Ruby, which fits since I'm interested in Primal Groudon a lot more than Primal Kyogre.

    Ah, so you probably won't get a Wii U at all then, unless Game Freak makes an incredibly surprising reveal.
    So you've been completely avoiding the OR/AS discussion here I'm assuming. Part of why I'm excited for this release is that not only is it on a Friday [that's so close now], but shortly afterwards I have an extended weekend for a holiday. I'll get plenty of time to play OR/AS.

    That's one way to do it. Are you planning to get a Wii U at all or just go with that for your plan?
    It's getting tough at this point though at the same time there's not much that can be spoiled. I just want to avoid seeing screenshots though, that's the biggest thing. It seems a lot of people have things going on but I guess that happens on Friday releases.

    I'll get a Wii U eventually, the plan is to get one for Christmas. I'm in no rush to play Smash Wii U right now anyway.
    Yeah, it's just too bad that people are already getting the game early and leaking it. Good thing for me I've already got the longest assignment for the week done though, so it's mostly just waiting and getting through the week once I finish my other short assignment.

    They probably will just bring back the ones that were in Brawl, they had a few tracks from Hoenn there though I'm not a particularly huge fan of those remixes.
    Yeah, I'll be walking down at 9 pm to get in line for a queue so that I can pick it up as early as possible at midnight. I only have one class on Fridays and I can afford to skip it.

    With the game coming at the same time as OR/AS we'll definitely find out what all the music is sooner as well.
    Yeah, all I've got is a week and two assignments to go and I'll be spending the whole weekend playing the game. I don't plan to get any sleep on Thursday night and just play through the night.

    That's why I like their themes so much, they fit the Colress/Hugh perfectly and really match the mood they want you to feel while also being generally great battle themes. All of the new tracks they made for B2/W2 were great (except Lentimas Town).
    Yeah, it's very impressive how they weaved that together and made Deoxys fit into a plot like that. I'm glad that they're actually putting stuff in the game to make it feel like a new game rather than just a rehash of what we've seen before but just with newer graphics and updated mechanics. Just the info they gave us this month has gotten me that much more excited to play the game. Good thing it's less than a week at this point.

    Yeah, we've still not heard the full versions of a lot of tracks, though with the bits we've heard it's bound to be fantastic. If there's any track I want to hear in Smash it's Colress's Battle Theme or Hugh's Battle Theme. Even just one of those themes would be perfect.
    Yeah, we've never had that kind of plot in a Pokemon game, usually we get no more than a few barren areas to explore or a mini plot so this is a massive improvement, especially since it's a remake. The connection with Deoxys's Ruby dex entry saying it was created by a space virus DNA's exposure to a laser (aka the Ultimate Weapon) is incredible. Hoenn really does just fit perfectly with the the Mega Evolution plot.

    Yeah, the original version was probably the best one. In composition it's a very interesting approach but I don't think it fits Cynthia's theme that well. It is nice that each track has a very unique style to it though.
    Yeah, I noticed someone point that out, and it makes sense that they'd air that movie. Too bad the movie is really outdated in comparison though, but there's not much they can do there. Yeah, the Looker sidequest was cool but it lacked character involvement outside of a select few. This one has a lot more to it, including the fact that it revolves around a legendary and has a connection with X/Y.

    Sometimes more than one fatal flaw, unfortunately.

    I dislike it mainly because the instruments are too soft. I'm not a huge fan of Cynthia's theme in general, but the harsher sounds in her older game versions is why I really ever found that theme interesting. It's an interesting take on her theme, but I don't think calm works for it. I do like what they did with the other Pokemon themes though.
    Not surprised about no Megas, though I'm surprised they're actually forming the connection with Deoxys and Rayquaza in the game canon. I'm looking forward to this post-game plot so much though. They've elevated Rayquaza's role so much the only step up would be making it a literal god.

    I guess since we're talking about the Smash Bros. community it's probably asking too much for them to accept clone characters. Guess that's an unfortunate thing we've got to deal with.

    There's so many good remixed tracks, the only one I think isn't very good so far is the Cynthia battle theme. I'm very interested in seeing what else there is.
    Well if there are leaks, we know Joe would have them on the main page even if there's nothing new.

    Yeah, there's a reason they're included and it's not because they were too lazy to make a new character. Too many people don't understand that developers are on a schedule and that they're making the most of their schedule by adding those characters in a time period where they don't have the ability to make them more unique. If they had more time I'm sure they could have made Lucina/Dark Pit/Dr. Mario more unique.

    Final Destination Ver. 2 is definitely great, though given this is the same composer who did the main menu theme I'm not surprised it's so good. We still don't know all of the hidden tracks so there's still hope for some nice surprises in the soundtrack. I'd still love a MegaMan track from non-Classic MegaMan games.
    No worries; you actually didn't take very long, if you ask me. Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I did have some questions, which I posted on the fic itself.
    It does seem to be taking a bit longer than most months, though it'll happen this week for sure. I almost expect after all of this wait, there won't be much that they show this month.

    The tomes are slightly easier to catch since there's a longer window to catch them, but either way they're useful weapons to take advantage of like that. MegaMan's buster shots are a huge thing when playing as him, they're incredibly easy to land hits with. Yeah, people just irrationally hate clone characters, but they were added because they were easy additions that wouldn't require as much work as a new character.

    Team Flare's theme is great, arranged by the composer of Golden Sun too. Unova Route 10/23 are also great, and I love the Fire Emblem tracks they added, particularly Mystery of the Emblem Medley, Meeting Theme Series Medley and Coliseum Medley. Final Destination Ver. 2 is also fantastic.
    Yeah, I wouldn't use Rayquaza on my main team anyway since I want to catch a Jolly one to go along with the Hasty and Adamant ones I have for Mega. Corocoro will probably leak any day/hour now, which is good because I want people to be quiet about "Game Freak might have intentionally left Megas out of the demo code."

    Levin Sword aerials will probably be way easier to do on the Wii U with access to the C stick. The other thing is that if you catch your own broken tomes/Levin Sword, you can throw them for big damage and knockback (15-18%) and that can be a useful tool. MegaMan plays like he's in his own game so even if he's hard to be good with, he's still a ton of fun to use. I think that people in general complain too much about clones. They're not taking anyone else's character slot or anything, and as Sakurai said himself, they're like the desserts to a full meal. The clones are the like the dessert and the full roster is the main course.
    Ahaha I thought you might say something like that. Well, maybe I underestimated =P Got any tips for it? I'd invite you to play if you were in Australia.

    Very true. Ahhh I love having cool little ideas and then putting them together into bigger cool things. I've been remembering stuff I came up with ages ago. Makes it really hard to be bothered studying for my very last ever exam.
    Oh, then yeah you've probably got nothing to worry about.

    I'm 99% certain my team will be Blaziken/Pelipper/Vileplume/Spinda/Claydol/Magnezone since half of those are my favorites or they look fun to use. Yeah, guess we'll have to wait and see in less than two weeks what that 4th Pokemon is, though.

    Robin's strength lies in Smash Attack aerials and the ability to adapt to most matchups since he has amazing projectiles (Arcfire is always better than PK Fire) and solid aerials. It's not easy to do all of it well though, since he's a character that doesn't rely on quick movement speed. He seems to fall into that newcomer category of "awkward learning curve" with Rosalina, MegaMan and Shulk. Dark Pit is basically a mirror image of Pit, so yeah it would honestly make less sense if he wasn't a clone.
    Oh, well if nothing else you should be able to add funds through credit card here, so I'm sure there's some way to get past the issues there.

    I have my team planned for this game but it's just because it's a team I want to use. In Emerald Maxie awakened Groudon before battling you, so I think they could pull something similar only with them using the legendary against you instead of it just leaving the place immediately. Either way them having 4 Pokemon instead of just 3 is a cool step up.

    Robin is fun, but he's surprisingly difficult to play well. I've put so much time into playing him but even I still feel like I've got a lot to do before I'm really that great with him. Dark Pit was technically got an appearance in Palutena's video, though they didn't give him a full confirmation then. People irrationally hate Dark Pit though so I'm sure a video would just fuel that hate.
    I figure it's worth flying back in person next year given all my uni friends will be there. Ahaha, but you see, my work has two DDR machines. Not even kidding.

    Not sure mine even technically counts as NaNo, but hey. Good motivation to do something.
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