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Dramatic Melody

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  • Thank you! I'm still at the funeral home, but hopefully something comes up soon so I can be happy about graduating too haha.

    I know. -_-; I just want my Hey You, Pikachu and Stadium minigames tbh. I'll have to give it a shot then! I haven't read a completed fic since my pre-account lurking days heh.

    I could see how something like 24 Months could get away from you. I feel like there are so many different ways you could take it. But yeah, the only thing good about this situation is that at least I'll hopefully come out of it with something better than it would've been. But right now all my attention is on a chaptered fic that'll probably never be posted, so I am being 100% unproductive.

    That explains why I've been rewatching That 70s Show and playing more Pokemon lately haha. And I could see that! For me fighting games like that depend on who I'm playing them with, not so much the game itself. I spent so many hours playing an old Mortal Kombat game with my brother when we were kids, but I remember the game itself being very ehhh. And my friend loves those games! They seem too strategy-based for my simple mind though. XD
    Oh yup, it's both a frustrating one and a much more satisfying one to finish. Thankfully nearly every character is viable too.

    Yeah pretty nice week unless you want to run an Escalation again, but I know I won't. I'm planning to pick up Pokken more and I'm doing a lot more Pokemon stuff right now, though I recently finished Bravely Second.
    Yeah Conquest is the one I look forward to replaying the most, I've already started planning out characters and possible class changes for when I do Lunatic since there's a really nice balance of stuff in Conquest.

    Yeah I probably won't even care about an Escalation Battle unless it has really good rewards for not a ton of effort, which I doubt. I've been enjoying playing other games so I don't really have the desire to halt that momentum and just switch to coin grinding for 5 minutes.
    Yeah, it kinda depended on the other plots a lot for stuff though in fairness it had the most climactic final boss fight so that counts for something. Will probably do Birthright Lunatic the next time I play Fates though.

    I haven't done much either other than catch any new events that show up, could've grinded coins up to max already but too interested in playing other games right now to care too much about Shuffle. I am enjoying the lack of huge content additions right now though I guess we're not too long after the last major one.
    To start, I'm so sorry this took so long. There's been a lot of real life stuff going on lately, and I've been pretty checked out mentally from the forums and fanfiction. But now I've graduated and things are looking up, so I should be back! But yeah, again, sorry! I know it must look like I just disappeared with no explanation. Which I guess I kind of did. ._.

    I'd imagine it's only a matter of time, although that time is shorter rather than longer. And ha, since we had this conversation, they announced Snap for Japan's WiiU Virtual Console, so maybe there's hope for English speakers to get some of the spinoffs too! They're pretty cool, although it feels a little limited compared to main series games. I need to read his fic now, though haha.

    Oh my. *_* I didn't even read into those hidden, R-rated layers XD. I've actually had a finished version of Orange for months, but I didn't like it, so I'll probably just be revising that until something comes out of it. Hopefully Chromatic will live again soon.

    Oh, adult life. I feel like I can say that wisely now that I've had a diploma for six days. :p I'm just finishing up Scrubs now, so I'll that to my list!

    And obviously no apology necessary haha. Now that you've had the game for two months (^^;) how is it?
    I've been playing through Revelations Hard and I have to say the plot is a lot less exciting than Birthright or Conquest was, but I am enjoying it. The complete absence of Pair Up enemies is very disappointing though, even Birthright Hard made regular use of it. I will probably be done with new FE runs for a bit too after this but mostly because I have other games to play.

    It would've definitely been nice though I'm also finding that I have to level up a lot of Rock Break+ and Block Smash+ Pokemon in general since I've barely leveled those. But yeah, with Genesect, Gyarados and Rayquaza they can at least make the shiny icon the secondary type though the winking ones are just blatant filler. We are at less than 200 species left though so I guess they're just trying to drag things out.
    It still happens at the end of the enemy turn, but I've heard Conquest on Normal is nothing like it is on Hard, the enemy composition and stats must be a world of a difference at that point.

    I mean I don't think Rayquaza itself is doing most of the damage anyway but it would be more proper if Rayquaza didn't have lower base power than Groudon and Kyogre can. Still interested in seeing what shiny Rayquaza does though, hopefully we don't need to get a different meteorite for it. I feel like level increases will probably only happen thematically or to lame Pokemon that aren't that good, though to that end I could totally see Talonflame getting a boost just because of the anime.
    The gimmick and huge amount of enemies didn't mix very well, while Arthur/Benny could solo the right side with just a Sol activation or two, the rest was annoying and overwhelming while enemies were generally strong. Fuga being absurdly strong himself and having all of Seal Strength/Speed/Defense didn't help.

    I've heard of multiple people failing to S rank on the first item run with Scizor, I had a pretty easy time with a full item run and usually don't hold back on Mega stages anymore for that reason. Meanwhile I've been going through cleaning the stages now since I've stocked up a ton of coins this week, going through that pretty smoothly with minimal item usage. I'm just holding out on Rayquaza getting that same treatment since both Groudon and Kyogre did, the low power compared to later legendaries has always bothered me and now both Groudon and Kyogre have it while Rayquaza is still stuck with 90 power max.
    That chapter is one of the most stressful ones, especially on Hard when he has Vengeance and Rend Heaven while Oboro and Hinata also have Counter/Luna and Countermagic/Sol respectively. And yes the Wind Tribe one was easily the most frustrating one for me in endgame and took me hours to finish. That's not to say the later chapters weren't hard but I didn't need to restart them nearly as much. But yeah, I learned right away that Hexing Rod makes the Birthright final boss super easy even on Hard.

    Yeah, balance is clearly not something they're trying to focus too much on in a F2P. I probably could've gone all the way to the end if I cared enough but I won't bother too much with Escalations when we have new main stages to tackle. Not like I'm making any use of Speedups or Max Levels I do have now anyway, so I don't mind losing out on one or two. I'm glad we have an easy week coming up again too, just Bellossom and Mega Swampert repeat in terms of stuff to keep an eye on.
    Yeah, it's a lot more fun when you actually have more consequences to think about with a bad move and when you're not just mowing down everything without much threat. Honestly Conquest Hard feels like a completely different game than what Conquest Normal looks like. Saizo is actually pretty likely to retreat midway through on Hard since he's more easily overwhelmed, but he sure does a good job of cleaning out the ugly mess of enemies at the start. You just finished the worst chapter in the game though, other than being relieved that Hayato is not part of the Hoshidan army and therefore doesn't hate you, that chapter made me very upset. To make it worse, Hayato apparently has a Hexing Rod on Lunatic. Once you start seeing the Hoshidan army again though, the game is definitely going to take its final step, difficulty-wise. The biggest complaint people had with the plot is related to a very unique and short chapter you did a little while ago though. But yeah, gimmicks will definitely keep on coming.

    Those are the kinds of things I might have expected if this was a better designed game, but yeah it's definitely weird when of all the Megas after Mewtwo Y, there's only been one been one that's actually been better or even that great. I've heard awful things about the last stretch this time around, and with how awkward the rewards have been I don't regret quitting early. At least I got some rewards out of it though.
    Yeah now that you've finished Takumi Round 2, you can definitely see how much harsher this game is both gameplay-wise and plot-wise. Scarlet was the really scary one for me on that chapter though, Bowbreaker on Hard means Niles can't just pick her off, forcing me to rely on Dragonstone for big chip damage. The ninja chapter is another one that people hate, though for me it's mainly how long the map takes to clear. At least you get an ally who's significantly better than all of your guys during it.

    Yeah, Scizor would've been fantastic way back, and that's the big problem with recent Megas I think. There's several Megas that would be so much better if we got them earlier, but now there's so much competition they just fall out. I had the same issue with Watchog, got mad and ended up using more coins to S rank it then and there. At this point I've abandoned Latios though, just focusing on main stages while we have the quiet week. These check-in bonuses are helping so much with that too.
    Yeah that's a good way to describe it, Corrin is often questioning himself and is meeting incredibly harsh realities that you don't really ever have happen in Birthright. There are some plot points that people really dislike but I wasn't too bothered by them. Overall the plot isn't as clean and happy, mainly because you've essentially chosen to fight against the "good guys." That chapter with Takumi is one of the more notorious ones, some people really hate it because of how much more challenging it suddenly becomes. It was definitely one of the better chapters in the game though.

    I don't know if that's what their plan was with Salamence since that was added awhile back, but I can definitely see that for recent ones such as the Gen 5 legends and Hydreigon. But yeah, Scizor at least looks decent on its own, ignoring the fact that we already have great Megas for everything that Bug beats. I still have to get past Flygon which I'll probably try after a little bit of coin grinding, on the bright side I've actually caught and S ranked most of the stages so far so I won't need a ton of coins, but I will definitely need some coins and you reminding me that we can do that for Meowth definitely helped.
    I liked Birthright but I honestly thought the story was too good to be true at times, and it felt a little generic. Or rather, the plot felt pretty standard for a Fire Emblem game and didn't really try much that was adventurous or new.

    It's not, though Salamence's is case is more awkward than Altaria or Gallade I feel. Altaria couldn't really be Flying-type back then since they weren't really doing the "change type upon Mega Evolution" thing so that didn't have much of a choice, and the decision to make the Ralts line Fairy-type meant that Gallade was better off as Fighting. Salamence could've been Dragon-type just fine so changing it felt a little odd (and admittedly more odd if its Mega is Dragon-type). I think it's hard for new Megas to be impressive at this point though, unless they copy one of the "good" abilities we already have. I had to drop from the main stages at 390 since I'm basically out of coins so I'm just keeping up with the Daily set and doing Latios for a bit now. There's not a a lot of stages that need tons of items but a lot of them need some item and I used Great Balls a lot, so I at least have a lot of stuff caught already.
    I still need to play Birthright on Lunatic at some point though I hear it's actually easier than Conquest was on Hard. The general opinion is that Conquest has the weakest story but I thought it was a fine story, the varied objectives and well-thought enemy placement more than made up for it anyway.

    I don't know, but to be fair Salamence is a bit of an anomaly by having changed types in the first place, and Beedrill had less of a choice since there's no other possible Poison-type Mega. I haven't had any desire to do the Latios Escalation so I've been running through main stages first. Once I run out of coins and get stuck on a stage that requires items I'll probably switch over to Latios for a bit but I really dislike falling behind on main stages and have a decent stock of Speedups and Max Level Ups after Zygarde anyway.
    Yeah, Conquest had some wonderful looking maps too, Fates in general has great ones especially compared to Awakening which felt like it had a lot of the same green colors and not exactly interesting locations. Casual Mode is actually not new to Awakening technically, it first appeared in New Mystery of the Emblem which was Japan-exclusive. Though for a lot of people, Awakening is the first people have heard of Casual Mode.

    Well as it turns out, apparently in datamining it's been found that Mega Salamence is Dragon-type so looks like that's out the window. Ability is a placeholder though unless they make it a Rayquaza/Gengar clone or something it probably will be better off as a non-Mega. Still holding my Speedups for the shiny Rayquaza though, in case that turns out to be good (hopefully Flying-type), has a separate Mega and a Speedup sink as well. I didn't end up needing the extra turns for Stage 200 as well but it was definitely worth the safety net. I actually got lucky enough to skip both 250 ad 300 though so that was the easiest Escalation Battle for me yet. HP for stages 290-299 get kinda crazy though so I used Turns +5 there just to make it less RNG-dependent.
    Yeah and honestly even the simple "rout enemy" chapters are a lot more interesting because the maps themselves are well-made and aesthetically pleasing. But yeah, basically anyone who played Fire Emblem before Awakening restarts if a unit dies. Even in interviews with game developers who talk about Fire Emblem, they say they restart too. Sakurai I think said he does the exact same thing.

    That would be unfortunate though given how good they are as regular picks, it wouldn't be as bad I think. I even still use regular Garchomp at times just because that huge damage is good. Stage 200 was pretty insane as it is so I'm hoping I get a skip to come around for 250 and 300. I've only had to do stage 100 and 200 boss-wise so hopefully that doesn't follow into being stuck with 300. Zygarde 50% has definitely been useful for its own stages though, already nearing level 5 for it too which is nice. Currently sitting on Stage 216 though.
    Yeah, I was a little disappointed when one of the earlier Conquest chapters was a map used in Birthright, but the different timing of when it happens as well as the different gimmick going on made it a new experience on a familiar map. I only play on Classic and reset after a unit dies just because that's the way most people played Fire Emblem before Casual Mode happened. It's an ironic development but it's just the way Fire Emblem has become.

    Yeah we actually have a lot of Megas already so there's not a ton (and Tyranitar and Salamence are already maxed), but there have been quite a few legendaries and now formes going on. Thankfully there's not a lot going on and I have max coins so I might still go to 300, but that'll depend on how I feel after reaching 200. With the Anger mechanic maybe it won't be nearly as bad, just hoping it skips over boss stages later on. Ironically with all these level jumps and therefore higher catch rates, I still haven't caught Zygarde while nearing stage 30. Probably the first time I didn't catch an Escalation legendary before stage 20.
    They're definitely different plots, but there are a few points that are similar or overlap between the two. And of course sometimes similar maps but those naturally always have different arrangements and enemies. That chapter was probably the most difficult one solely because of the consistent 10 damage each turn, and the fact that the magic users hit way too hard didn't help. Thankfully the reinforcements weren't too bad though.

    When I was training up Braviary I got a good amount of activations but given that it wasn't a timed stage definitely made it easier for Sky Blast in the event that it didn't activate on a turn. I've been mainly grinding up legendaries including those I never actually finished levelling up because they don't work well for coin grinding. Lugia is done so I've at least got the Sky Blast team 100% trained up now. I might prioritize leveling up Pokemon whose Megas we don't have next though, just to get those done.
    Yeah I guess so, some overlapping plot points seem to be happening already but I already have a few guesses as to how the plot will progress from here. Yeah all of those skills are a mess to deal with, and while Birthright Hard threw some skills at me they weren't as dangerous or common as these. Definitely no Hexing Rod Azama with Counter, Miracle and his personal skill in an early chapter.

    Yup I was surprised but I knew it wouldn't last since I wasn't using the superior Sky Blast setup for its 2x multiplier instead of 1.2x multiplier. But either way I'm completely safe for the top prize, which is disappointingly not a Speedup. Meanwhile I've been EXP grinding stuff, got Zygarde 10%, Sceptile and several others maxed while I'm currently nearing Braviary and getting Keldeo Resolute and Landorus-I maxed.
    I think the final arc happened at around 24 in Birthright, at least in terms of when the "endgame map theme" started playing. Chapter 22 already switched over to its "endgame map theme" and I can tell plot stuff is about to happen here now. The enemies in Conquest commonly have a dangerous skill or two (Wary Fighter, Seal Strength/Defense/Resistance/Speed, Poison Strike, Counter, LUNGE) with bosses being incredibly powerful with even more skills (REND HEAVEN). The varied map objectives also have an impact there for sure, which often helps the enemy take advantage of their skills. I won't be able to improve my game for awhile anyway, but by the time I can there will probably be a few patches that'll change things up anyway.

    Yeah I'm enjoying this as I've now been able to get a near max stock of coins and consider EXP grinding for a bit. I also got 108k on Mega Sceptile which is temporarily 5th place so I'm safe there too probably. I'm glad clearing Angry Pikachu's stage is near guranteed, though it's definitely annoying since you'll likely have to use a Great Ball or two as well.
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