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Dramatic Melody

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  • Nope, it's winter. Honours project runs over both semesters, so I have about three and a half months of it left, then I'm freeeeee =D and poor, because yay moving
    As long as they include the Space Center somehow, I'll be satisfied. Oh, I totally forgot that I even mentioned that, I was probably only thinking of the battles with Barry and Dawn/Lucas.

    Yeah, it would be a lot more different than Sylveon, and gaining a ground resistance is always a good thing to have for a defensive Pokemon. It would also be a Grass type that isn't weak to Bug.
    Well when they're in an entrance to a cave, I don't think polluting the sea is as much of a concern. And no, I'm not referring the those guys, though I guess they're relevant too. I mean that in X/Y, there was a trophy for getting to 50 wins and fighting the two of the 4 Chatelaines.

    It would definitely help it differentiate itself from Sylveon, given that otherwise Syvleon is better at almost everything that Florges does.
    They're not very common at all! Vast majority are two or three seaters, and my train fills up halfway to uni. =( But I have my ways.

    Yeah, I've seen those too, just instead of tumblr in the threads here, including that pick from the artwork about the berry mixer thing. Neat catch by the fandom.

    Still, we don't know what contests would be like. No need for dancing or dress up, just let us take away appeal points from other Pokemon. =(
    Well, the cave is big, I don't think that would be a problem. I was thinking something more along the lines of what Galactic did the Mt. Coronet cave painting in Platinum. We do have the Battle Maison making Multi Battles one of the 5 trophies, so I think they still like to make use of it. I would prefer to see more of it in the main game, though, like they did in Sinnoh.

    Yeah, like Florges. It had to have been made with Double battles in mind, given that its abilities are useless in Singles. Then we've got those gimmicky moves that work better in Doubles too.
    Trains aren't the best here but I suppose they could be worse. At least I can get a one-seater most days around now. And yes, I do. It keeps happening.

    Yay for getting a Celebi in the end. I just wanted to see that event for myself without needing youtube. =( Ah well.

    And yes, secret bases! =D Looks like number 1 on my list came true. ~ also contests
    I am also writing a fair bit this month. Doing camp nanowrimo this month (first time I tried anything of the sort) with a target of 10,000 words, which I'm basically doing on train trips to/from uni. Which might be a bit silly of me - besides the ORAS competition assuming there's no extension, I'm also judging the yearly small writing comp over on PC. And have uni stuff that'll take up over a week of my time as well. :V Whoops! Still, at least I'll get some writing done regardless this month.

    Cool, hope the forum interests you. If you have any questions just ask!

    Hmm, they did give Silver some more backstory, but then I'd argue that he was already a decent rival back in GSC. What he got that was new was a bonus - RSE rivals need a lot. =p (And sadly Australia never got that event Celebi =().

    More Wally is certainly something that needs to happen. After all, he has green hair!
    =D I'll have to find one I like. I should have enough leftover money for food and stuff.

    Hate holidays where you're expected to work on projects =( I need my breeeeaaakkkkk.
    Yeah, if they needed to use rocket fuel to blast a hole into Seafloor Cavern, that would make more sense than using it to blow up a volcano. The Steven battle was also the most fair being 6v6. Not 12v6 like with Barry, as fun as that was.

    It would be nice if they still did more with Single battles, though. Doubles is interesting but it seems like they try too much with Doubles and too little with everything else.
    If anything, I really hope they keep the Space Center as part of the plot. Teaming up with Steven was a really interesting move to make, given that it's the first time they've had a Multi Battle like that. The only thing they'd have to do is rationalize what Aqua needs rocket fuel for, but Magma's plan with it isn't exactly logical either anyway.

    Yeah, I don't play it often, but there's so many more things to keep track of in Doubles.
    Well that's the thing, this is what I was hoping for before we saw the screenshots of Mt. Chimney. Now that we've been told it will be like R/S with Team Magma/Aqua, we probably won't be fighting the opposite team at all.

    I think you have to choose the target first, so if you choose the opponent you'll give them the priority over you. I'm pretty sure it works by keeping your speed in mind and having the target attack before the user would have attacked.
    No, I mean you fight both teams just like in Emerald, but you end with fighting the team that normally corresponds to your version (Magma for OR, Aqua for AS), and catch the respective legendary. That's what I was hoping would happen.

    It's related, though After You has awful distribution so people don't really use it. That and you'd use After You to make a slow ally attack first.
    I can relate to the excitement of writing again, haha.

    And neat! I noticed you joined and approved your account. That's in place so that the constant wave of adbots trying to join don't spam up the forums, and automatic filters were not working for the forum. That said, the forum is quiet atm (doesn't help that a bunch of the mod stuff have all sorts of rl stuff - oddly I'm one of the least busy of them all!)... but hopefully with a achievement system of sorts that'll be released soon it can get some more activity and members.

    I might have as well, but dang it, I really liked Secret Bases and am not that optimistic they improve the rivals. =( But we shall see, I suppose.
    Well, before we knew, I assumed they'd have you focus more on the team matching the version, and that you'd ultimately end up fighting that team at the very end instead of the other one.

    I actually don't know how it works with priority, but I think it might vary on whether or not Murkrow has a higher speed than the opponent. Not entirely sure, though. And yeah, it also works with slower hard-hitting Pokemon.
    Honestly, I just wished they followed Emerald's choice to have you battle both teams, that made the most sense. Though we already know from the Mt. Chimney pictures that it's not happening that way.

    It depends, you'll know which Pokemon have priority when you see them. And I may be wrong on this, but if you happen to have higher speed than the priority user, it might actually suppress their move until last. Maybe not, but either way, it's a handy move if you have a self-sufficient partner.
    Well that's the thing, Team Magma is good in Sapphire, they didn't have plans to erupt the volcano from what I remember. So that extra step seemed out of place for Aqua to bother with.

    Yeah, it's useful there to help your partner take out a Pokemon that would threaten to KO you otherwise. I used it in one of the early wifi competitions they had, it was actually pretty helpful.
    Well I mean, what does that really accomplish for them? It seems unnecessary when their plan is to expand the sea. Like a paranoid thing to do when Team Magma is the good guy, so there shouldn't be a worry of someone making it erupt for the purpose of expanding the land or anything.

    Yeah, and it's surprisingly useful for Murkrow. But no other Prankster Pokemon even runs/learns it so it would not be missed.
    Good progress there, haha. After my thesis was done I... had to study for exams, but played Pokemon Y for a day anyway as a break.

    I see. Definitely a very different area than my honours thesis! =p
    Yeah, Mt. Chimney is exactly what I'll be looking forward to for that sort of distinction. Like really, why does Team Aqua need to go to Mt. Chimney for anything?

    Maybe, but I still want to see a better physical Dragon type STAB first, they already did enough for Fairies. Quash is literally only good on like one Pokemon, and that one Pokemon already learns it by level anyway, so I don't think anyone would mind seeing Quash disappear.
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