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Dramatic Melody

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  • I started Conquest Hard and enjoy it so much more, only made it to Chapter 22 before I had to leave it back home with my brother so I won't be finishing it or Revelations until I go back. Which is unfortunately right when the final plot arc appears to be starting. I haven't been able to fully get a grasp of how to effectively handle all situations but I've learned the controls for the most part, it's just a matter of practicing and understanding what other characters can do now. Power characters seem to get me the most though.

    The update is definitely very good in terms of convenience features, and they even fixed Ditto for once. I'm fully expecting new stages with the new update but now that I'm 100% done with everything I'm prepared for new stuff.
    Remind me to show you a picture of that mudkip hat I mentioned via PM next time you're on Skype. It'd be much easier to show you on there than PM, haha.
    Yeah, no big deal I've been busy too with Spring Break just starting so I've been playing a ton of Pokken and Fire Emblem. Just finished Birthright Hard so I'll be jumping into Conquest soon. I've had a ton of fun with Pokken, haven't played it much as I finished Birthright though I'll spend more time on that soon.

    It's been a nice slow-down lately, which is great as I just finished finally catching up on all the main stages and the like. Of course that gets followed up by a massive software update, though not with new stages but a ton of other features.

    I'm hoping classes become better later though for now I'm enjoying my Spring Break while I have it.
    Same! If I'm being real, my biggest wish is GSC, but I'd love to play the Ranger games. Luckily, I have a Gamecube and my roommate happened to have XD and Colosseum, so I've been slowly making my way through the first one. They're pretty cool, and I'd definitely like to be able to play them on my 3DS (especially if they got remasters like the Ocarina of Time rerelease).

    I dunno, the shipping forum can get pretty racy sometimes. Plus Soda Pop, which flirted with NSFW. XD Oh. Haha. Ha. ha. -_- When I die without ever having moved past Vermilion these jokes will just seem cruel.

    We both need to more diverse in our media consumption. For example, at my internship I'm having to edit a 40 minute ambassador press conference into 2 minute clips, which is something I never thought I'd be watching and hope to never watch again. :) Out of the enjoyable-by-adults cartoon revival going on, Gravity Falls appeals to me the most aesthetically. I have no idea what it's about, but the woodsy vibe I get from pictures and gifsets looks cool to me.
    I quit Darkrai at 150 so I've been focusing exclusively on coins and working up main stages, though I doubt I'll be done with all of that before next week. I'd really like for them to not add new stages next week but I have a feeling they will. If we do I'm never touching an Escalation Battle beyond like the first 50 stages until I catch up. I haven't even unlocked Honchkrow yet, but I think I'm only one S rank away. That being said there's only 13 I haven't caught so it's only really S ranks I really have in bulk.

    Well hopefully that'll help reduce the items I need to S rank it then. I am, though I'm not quite sure I'll start with it since I might have less time to play over Spring Break while Pokken is out. Classes have been rough so I feel less comfortable buying a new game this far into the semester, let alone two, but that's what Spring Break is for and I really need that week off after messing up a midterm.
    I do love the MD icons, so I can't much blame you there. For now, my attention's being taken by life and Blue, so I've kind of stagnated. I'm hoping a break will help me go back into refreshed. I'm jealous of the European eshop, since it seems like they're getting the spinoff games. I personally long for the day when the Stadium games are on there and you can connect the Virtual Console 1st (and hopefully 2nd eventually) games.

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ At this point they know and don't care or they'll probably never know. There are worse things than checking a Pokemon fansite, I guess. I hope so! Eight Badges really helped me feel productive on the fanfic front, but I'd like to finish up Orange and finally move past Vermilion. And haha, at least it probably seemed very bold of you to point out your underdeveloped ideas.

    I've watched a little more, and I'm really enjoying it! I feel like there are a bunch of really good cartoons on right now that I'm missing by focusing just on live action stuff. ._.

    This a little late now, but no worries! I just caught up on HoH. And same, except with Blue. c:
    Oh my gosh ice cream is the best! I used to not care for chocolate much at all (I wouldn't like things if they were "too chocolate-y", but that changed as I got older).

    Hm, seems unusual, at least in the parts I'm from. Do you mind if I ask if it was a private or public school?

    Aw, what game caused you to cry and deprived you from your beauty sleep? Thanks! Yep, we had a devil's food birthday cake with chocolate icing to celebrate :p Hopefully I can get more fic-writing and reviewing done this week; I feel kinda bad that I didn't end up submitting any nominations...
    I mean everything is so random anyway so the randomness of Quirky+ isn't really much different than that. I tend to not use them that often but even without the ability, Xerneas is just really good anyway. I still need to S rank a majority of the stages but I've also caught quite a few of them, including all of the "good" ones. Mewtwo X was also a simple S rank with all items though, unlike Mega Rayquaza who needed some luck unless you used Rayquaza itself.

    Lumineon was pretty annoying but I think I beat it itemless so I haven't tried S ranking it yet. I did catch it though, so that's one less thing to worry about. I won't be bothering with the Gen 1 releases, though I will be playing FE over Spring Break so I'm looking forward to that. As usual I'll be jumping into Hard mode right away though.
    I honestly don't know how I'd get through if I didn't have chocolate at some points. I don't know man, people are weird. Haha, I totally agree with this statement--it can be part of the reason why group projects are a mess ;)

    So was it like you started high school around fourteen years old? Because I went to a private school when I was in kindergarten and it was straight kindergarten through eighth grade and then we went to high school (or I would have if I went there for more than one year lol). And that's why I don't try to stand out--I'm invisible and can be sneaky!

    And I'm sorry for how long this took to reply to. The retreat was amazing! There were a lot of tears (plenty from me lol) but it was honestly one of the best weekends of my life. But then this past week I had exams so the sleep-deprivation continued XD But now I'm on break and I have time again! :D
    As long as it looks good I'm fine. I'm extremely shallow, heh. Hopefully some new mudkip content will come out so that you have more options. Speaking of, I've only ever tried playing PSMD, but it's not at all what I expected. I've never played a rogue game or however they're classified, but I'm having trouble getting used to it, and I tend to enjoy the parts outside of the dungeons way more than inside. I need to try playing Ranger so I can fill out my pokemon spinoff experience more, though.

    Ha, you're the lucky one. As long as they don't check your browser history. Fuchsia is pretty open as far as ideas go (the zoo is a particular favorite of mind), but I have a bad habit of picking a fun setting with no ideas as far as plot goes. And that's true, it may be years before I make it down to Fuchsia (which always looks incorrectly spelled). Haha! Maybe your professors just thought you wanted to point out your really good ideas to them.

    I'll keep at it, then! I just finished Mad Men, and I need something to fill the show hole. It's my favorite show, but that has a lot to do with the characters, so I could see it not appealing to everybody. It's pretty fun, if you like open-world games. It's just a post-nuclear apocalypse RPG, so it would be pretty open to crossover ideas, I think.
    Xerneas and Cherrim are the only ones I've maxed out but they've been useful on some stages, creating added combo potential sometimes is really neat. I haven't tried Charizard X yet since I had to update my 3DS and my apartment internet wouldn't do that. I'll probably run with Rayquaza/Xerneas/Diancie/Togekiss since Kyurem hasn't been leveled much and I totally forgot Pixie Power was a thing. Not entirely sure though because Pixie Power's activation is lame and its not max level yet. I'll probably do a few practice runs at first like usual.

    Yeah, I will probably coin grind for awhile since I'm on the last stretch of the new stages anyway, just in case we get something crazy next week. I do want to at least beat Mega Mewtwo X before then though. But yeah Magnezone was rough, I've noticed each of the multiples of 10 seem to be that way. Golurk sucked too and I still need to S rank it, you honestly can't guarantee an S rank with DD/Moves +5/MS unless you add Complexity -1 to it. I'm glad I at least caught it though.
    I want to thank you for nominating Giovanni's Persian for the Fanfic Awards. I'm pretty sure he'll feign complete lack of interest at that while he looks at nothing outta the window. :p
    Yeah there's really not many great ones. By extension even Lumineon is okay because it has Quirky+, but that's still just okay and yet it's more useful than most other things. Already getting started on leveling up the Magnets because I need to make sure I have enough coins to handle Gyarados and an item run on Charizard X though, so the last stretch of stages can wait. Currently up to Furret. I didn't even think about Pummel but that'll definitely help Mewtwo X, I'm sure. Definitely doesn't have things as easy as Blaziken but it looks usable at least.

    I feel like there's a lot of stages here that are very luck dependent but if you get good luck you can S rank them itemless, or with just a Moves +5. Magnezone was still the worst though, I can't imagine S ranking that with anything other than Aerodactyl. Good thing they gave it that awesome ability to make up for it. But yeah, got a good run on Meowth today so after grinding I should have more than enough to handle this week's events.
    Well there are several that look decent, Tyrantrum doesn't look too bad as a high power Rock-type with a unique color scheme too, but Magneton and Magnezone are the only ones that immediately jump out to me as things I really want to use. For Mewtwo X though, the typing thing is really awkward especially since it limits which types it's useful for. I guess that never stopped Gengar (or Rayquaza since it's apparently essential in late Diancie stages), so maybe that won't be so bad but who knows?

    That's what I remember though either way I'm saving it for later once I clear the stages. Absol honestly seems like a good idea and I've considered it, though honestly I probably will just settle on Rayquaza since that has yet to let me down. Anytime optimize doesn't do it, Rayquaza handles it so I should honestly try using it from the start more often. Stages overall have definitely been easier barring evolved stuff on occasion, I am noticing much lower HP from most stuff after Trevenant, Grumping and Weezing with their huge HP. But yeah if we're just getting a competition next week then that's perfectly fine by me.
    Yeah honestly Magneton and Magnezone are the only really good things from this set of stages. Mewtwo X at the very end is cool because Blaziken/Swampert clone but the type change thing is really bad.

    It'd be great if they were only on the sides but I recall Trevenant disrupting random columns, which makes it less simple than that especially for how frequent they are and how awkward it is for Gengar to handle those. I have a better stock of coins now though so I'll hopefully be at least running through them with no items unless I see that I need to. As long as they calm down with the events for several weeks I'll be fine with that though.
    Yeah I figure I may as well wait for S rank strategies to develop and try to S rank and catch right away, since the only S ranks I have so far are the guaranteed Parasect and the item run on Grumping I had. Of course I just need to build coins so that I can handle the events when they come around too.

    Honestly Trevenant needs Disruption Delay I feel. I used my free Disruption Delay and a Moves +5 and still missed the S rank by several turns, though Gengar's bad luck is partly to blame for that. Still I have a feeling most of these stages will need items to S rank, and at minimum a Disruption Delay. At least so far, in the last bunch there were several that you could get away with itemless or with a Turns +5.
    I used to prefer white over dark, so I understand where you're coming from. And heck, I know some people who don't even like MILK chocolate and will be upset if someone says they do! And yes, I agree. I don't like sucking up, but since I've realized that I can't do it all on my own I'm more willing to lean on others for help :p

    Oh really? What was it? Was it just attached to elementary school? We have some schools here that are like that. Heh, I guess you could put it that way, more just that I never had the self-confidence to wear anything that revealed more than a t-shirt did X)

    Haha yes. And thanks! From what I know, there will be no sleep, many tears, but it will completely worth it.
    Yeah I was worried this would happen, though after getting lucky and finishing the Safari already I quickly found out the main stages are already more awful than the last set. I'm heading straight to coin grinding for now instead of risking not being prepared for the competition next week, and I'm pretty much going to need coins for most of these stages I feel.

    Just in the first few stages I actually got screwed over by Gengar not being kind enough to start a combo which in turn caused me a ton of trouble that resulted in not being able to finish a 3 Pokemon stage. There's definitely no perfection among the Megas we have by any stretch. Though at the same time Trevenant and Grumpig are already topping 20000 HP so they're insane on their own.
    Maybe though at this point I've long gone back to coin grinding for now and probably will stick to that until whatever a new update might or might not bring. Regardless though I'm not sure if I care enough to bother going back to Diancie even if it's a light week, I've enjoyed not focusing on an Escalation Battle.

    Yeah I'm 100% done with everything up to this point, so even if we get new stages I won't be too far behind other than in coin supply. Porygon-Z can be a rough stage if you're not taking care of the disruptions properly but the damage that Mega Lucario does is just really useful. Also it doesn't have constant falling blocks.

    I mean realistically you aren't getting more than 10 Gengar on the board at once very often so much as you'll probably get a lot over the course of one combo, though I feel it has a greater risk of not causing a combo especially if there aren't any Gengar icons towards the bottom of the board. Meanwhile Rayquaza/Banette/Mewtwo don't care about that as much. I feel like most Megas struggle in stages that just spam blocks constantly though, other than stuff like Lucario which still suffers if the disruptions are garbage. Sometimes the stage is just that bad.
    I think its one upside is that the brackets make it a little boxier, which is more aesthetically pleasing to me. Semi-related, but you and Omegagoldfish have the same avatar, and I keep mistaking you for each other. It was especially bad in the Exquisite Corpse thread, where you posted back to back. :p And yeah, I'm surprised that mudkip is so well known being from anything other than the first two gens, but it also makes me happy that pokemon can still make popular pokemon.

    I'm pretty sneaky when it comes to slacking off at work and talking about pokemon instead. And you're welcome! I liked it. :) That's a possibility for Chromatic, although I don't have any ideas how to use them. Celadon and Fuschia are wide open as far as ideas go right now, though, so maybe I can work something around to fill them in. Also, sorry about the ------------ thing. I wanted to reply to something further down and put that there so I wouldn't forget to come back. And then I... forgot to come back. ._.

    I've meant to check out Steven Universe for a while. I even watched the first episode online in a not strictly legal way, but the stream was not good quality, so I didn't continue. ^^; A Splatoon one would be cool, but yeah, it might be tough to come up with a good crossover idea. See, I didn't even think about using other games for the crossover. For some reason I only thought about television. The only fandom that even comes close to Pokemon for me is The Office, but for some reason the idea of mixing those two sounds awful haha. When I was little I wrote lots of Dragon Ball fanfiction, but that's not really something I have much interest in anymore. Pokemon is really my main interest in the fanfic department. Although I've been playing Fallout 4 recently, and I think a crossover between them could be interesting. We'll see!
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