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Dramatic Melody

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  • I actually stopped at 80 because I realized the coins are far more important right now since I had less than 5000. Stopped at 80 and if there turns out to be a light week then I'll head back to Diancie again. Luckily I got a nice 6500 coins from Meowth this week, Rayquaza has been far more consistent for me than Banette ever was for me. I'd considered Rayquaza for how much better it is at holding combos than Gengar is though I hadn't gotten far enough in Diancie yet. Maybe if/when I reach the tougher stages.

    Gliscor is just a mess because of constant wood and metal block disruptions, combined with Zubat so you're barely ever starting a combo, let alone maintaining one. I couldn't even consistently beat it itemless but I eventually got lucky with a Great Ball. Mamoswine and Porygon-Z were easy in comparison, and neither one of those is exactly easy.

    Yeah, I notice there's only 45000 people that have done a run for Abomasnow so it might really be true that there's progressively fewer people caring about the game. I still think that Gengar being so good was completely unintentional, especially given the questionable design choices they've made in general. Either way it's great that those two together get coverage against all types so there's always a viable Mega for a stage, bar a few exceptions where the stage is just terrible.
    Honestly, I will eat any and all kinds of chocolate, but it's unusual to find another person who likes white chocolate! *High fives* Well, that's understandable XD And yes, that does seem to be the way it works. I usually don't suck up to people and look down on those who do, but when I started doing research in a lab, the person I work with said "Flattery will get you everywhere," sooooo now I do it as necessary :p

    Haha, some of my friends colored parts of their hair in middle school because that was their "going wild" phase, or whatever it was, but I totally get where you're coming from. I feel like it's definitely more of a girl thing than a guy thing, as a lot of times many girls feel that the only attention they can get will be if they dress to please others (which I don't really agree with, but I see it around me).

    Thanks! It's pretty much a combination of everything I've mentioned to you: school, scholarships, research, sports, and a retreat I'm volunteering on this upcoming weekend.
    Don't worry, you don't need to be - it's mostly just its very basic premise adapted to the story of Pokemon White, along with some more subtle homages you don't have to get to enjoy. :p
    Oh my gosh, ice cream is my favorite! As is anything that has (preferably dark) chocolate in it. Oh, that's gotta be hard; I've been living off peanut butter since I was a little kid and realized I hated jelly. Thanks! It'd be nice to have it (if for the experience and opportunity to go abroad if nothing else) :p Thanks! I'm really hoping too XD The worst part is finding someone to write those letters of recommendation.

    Yes! Which is also why it can be a high point--you can dress however you want and nobody will care about what you look like anymore! Well, except for the sorority and fraternity kids, but no one cares about their opinions anyway. I'm fairly certain it's not; when I see girls wearing hardly anything and going out in winter, it's probably for attention, and even though they want it, I feel kinda bad for them for feeling the need for that kind of attention, y'know?

    Also, sorry it takes forever for me to get back to you. Real life has so much going on right now x_x
    Hey, just stopping by to say thanks for that Out In The Cold review! I replied if you haven't seen already.
    I actually haven't liked Gengar at all in this Escalation, even if the Mawile doesn't Mega Evolve the damage is super important and the stages aren't so bad yet anyway. I've heard even Steelix is better in some of the stages though. Metagross and Aggron better be good though, if only to make up for Mawile being so weak and slow. Now that I think of it I'll probably have enough coins by the time I reach 100 because of Meowth on Sunday but we'll see. Honestly I should probably just coin grind now instead just in case they have something on Tuesday but if nothing else at least I still get rewards in this range.

    I used those two items and Mega Start and still didn't get it done, one of my attempts was literally one match away which was frustrating. Rayquaza has been fantastic on turn based stages with all these Speedups, it's honestly just a more reliable Gengar with what I believe is a longer period of pseudo Complexity -1. The one extra match that Rayquaza needs isn't really a big deal most of the time. Not needing more than 3 Rayquaza icons to be effective is just really useful. Also Gliscor is a terrible stage.

    Yeah, I feel like that's become less common as seemingly fewer people are playing and as maintaining good coin reserves is becoming more important. It really is nice to have that option, the fact that both Dragon and Ghost have insane neutral coverage really helps that and I'm sure that's even intentional, at least for Rayquaza since Dragon has such limited use otherwise.
    My beta reader may have more time starting within a week too, so that's good!

    Yes to living in the future! \o/ Hope it went well!
    If you mean you thought it was just Imaginative Clockwork, then I say follow that instinct. I look at it now and get reminded of "scene"-style usernames like -xXShadowScizorXx- or something. XD I'm honestly surprised your love for mudkip wasn't hurt by memes, considering the horror that was i herd u liek mudkipz.

    I actually meant don't tell my boss that I was reading fanfiction at work, but yes, make sure nobody else knows either, including yourself. ---------------- I actually really liked the idea, but I had no idea how to turn it into a good story. Someday, maybe. But not today.

    Yeah, I don't know what I'd do if I had to fake it that aggressively all the time, but containing it just in work situations is definitely manageable.

    Yikes. Hopefully they were at least making good criticisms. I feel like good even if you're too harsh, if the advice is actually good then the review is worthwhile. And you're still here, so it's a happy ending in at least one case.

    What other fandoms are you interested in? For me I don't really enjoy anything in the exact way I enjoy pokemon, so it's hard to come up with satisfying crossover ideas. And thank you! You review plenty, though, so I'm sure they weren't short on material.
    Jirachi would be a perfect repeat, and we could definitely use a repeat of some of the early mythicals. Mine will probably start getting levels again once I finish the new EX stages so hopefully I'll be done soon. I will probably need to grind for awhile too to have a chance at beating Diancie 100 so I might even end at like 90 or something if I go back to it.

    Yeah Attack Power is always nice to get for free, if it's not used during the Escalation then it's good for the next competition. I actually had to grind a bit more because Dodrio was dumb and didn't go down fast enough with Glalie, but I managed to finish it up. Changing to Rayquaza worked out much better even with a bit of bad luck at the start. S ranking Porygon2 was surprisingly easy though, all it took was a +5 Turns and a little luck, and I'd already caught it and leveled it up a bit beforehand so that helped.

    Yeah now that I've done it once I'm definitely interested in trying harder if only to be there temporarily, though I obviously won't be caring if I don't, as long as I secure the Speedup each competition that's what matters. I still need more practice with Double Normal though that's definitely not happening anytime soon, so who knows? Of course any Mega that's weak to a Pyre/Pummel/similar ability will just be better off with that I feel.
    Its a go, then. I'll have to change that mouthful of a username before I go public with my powers, though. ^^; The important thing is that you got there, even it had to be through a meme.

    Keep it on the down low, but I read it at my internship and I'm about to go review it after this (probably in a couple of hours, since I'm about to leave for work, and I'll have to wait for the day crowd to clear out before I take out my laptop). And my late response means that I can now see your posting prediction as totally accurate! It's just a sad little document filled with beginning paragraphs of a bunch of crappy ideas. Things like an Oak/Agatha thing, a description of how great a trainer's journey would have been if he'd picked a bulbasaur instead of a charmander, and a horror fic about trainers making it to Azalea and finding out it's been abandoned. All things that maybe had some promise but no motivation.

    That's true, and I hope that happens. Either way, I think I'd just be happy to be employed at a job I didn't hate tbh. Being fake nice to customers is my passion I guess, heh.

    Hm, I'd like to find out more about that. As much as I love drama, though, I guess it's for the best that we've settled down as a community a little bit. I feel that a lot. In my English classes I generally just said I didn't write much independently since I didn't think I'd find many people to relate to. Yes, and that's the important thing!

    Dang, I was almost in the spotlight. I'm glad I could help a little, though! You came off really well. In general, I'm really digging the Quarterly. I'm just disappointed I didn't finish my idea for the last one, since I have nothing in mind for a crossover.
    Hey DM, just a note to say nice job on your most recent one shot, and thanks for citing Dessert Course as inspiration - it's a huge compliment to hear that anything I've written has been used as inspiration to anything, so thanks for that! We seem to share a particular liking for slice-of-life fics, which is another reason why I was extremely glad to get you as my recipient in Yuletide, haha.

    I really enjoyed reading your fic in any case, you seem to be able to carry across simplicity and conversation really well in all your pieces, so nicely done with this in particular.

    Also happy birthday, and hope you have/had a great day.
    I mean we're pretty advanced, but. I hope I'm not too slow and it's still your HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Oh cool, I'm really out of touch with that =( Need to find them and catch up.

    Globe trotting is great particularly as I seem to have developed resistance to jet lag. Although I'm a bit sad because I got to have an intern this summer, but they're leaving soon, and they were pretty cool.
    As long as it's not super huge update with a ton of stuff that's fine, I'd definitely take a few free items, assuming there's at least a Jewel or Speedups involved. I actually only started leveling up Abomasnow on Meowth once we saw what the next competition was, still at level 7 though.

    For sure, though most of the rewards aren't enticing enough otherwise. Meanwhile I only have to catch Doduo, Dodrio and Wigglytuff while S ranking Dodrio, Wigglytuff, Porygon2 and Mega Rayquaza. Still have 34000 coins so hopefully I'll be able to get all that done soon without having to grind extra. Then of course I still have the 3 EX stages after that.

    Yeah when I saw my score I thought "oh wait isn't this like right up near the top right now?" And surely enough it was. I feel like if I can get some more Normal types maxed out I might be able to continue doing well like that in future competitions barring bad runs. But we'll have to see how future competitions pan out.
    Said designer is happy to hear that. =)

    Indeed, I've definitely gone back and forth when writing and editing to add in more details or tangents, so that probably has helped.

    ALSO Happy birthday!! May it be filled with Mudkip and cake. Just hopefully not literal mudcake.
    Yeah I could use a good dead week or two after this week, if we don't get much after the Abomasnow competition that'll be good enough for me. Since I'm basically maxing it out anyway I'll probably only use Rayquaza when leveling things up, given I have all the current Megas at max level except for the Normal type ones. And I guess Abomasnow but he's getting there.

    Hopefully, I know the only thing I want to do right now is finish Diancie and go straight to that. Even debating finishing now since I'm done with stage 50, I'd like the Jewel from stage 100 but the prizes leading up to it aren't really even worth it. Will probably go to Main Stages and then come back later if I have time (which I should).

    I guess unlucky wasn't a good way to put it, but rather I didn't get good luck either. I don't normally do this well on competitions though so maybe that'll be a one-time thing. The fact that this was a competition weak to Pyre also contributes there, I'm sure. But yeah the fact that I've guaranteed the Speedup is giving me even less motivation to care about Diancie.
    Yeah that awful Speedup return on Diancie is another reason why I'm unlikely to go beyond the first Speedup, if even that. As boring as it is I haven't been too bothered by it since it usually means we have a dead week. I might consider doing Ampharos a bit for the huge amount of new stuff lately, and I know Rayquaza is apparently amazing for leveling up NVE Pokemon too.

    I have everything up to Porygon 100% complete, so it's only the last stretch of stages I'm looking at. That's still a sizable chunk, but I made sure to go through as much as I could with no items so there's hopefully minimal item usage on most of them.

    That was by far my best run in a competition and I felt like I could've done better, even ignoring the lack of a notable post-timer combo. Mega Rayquaza afforded me a lot of time to maintain the combo so I was able to get away with being slightly lazy. Reshiram is only level 7 too so that's actually a lot of extra points I could've had if I had been able to spend more time on Meowth, or use Heatran instead.
    Hehe, yeah. I either eat too much junk food or not enough food in general XD Thanks! I hope so too. It'll be nice to not be tired for a change :p Aww, that has to difficult :/ I really like nuts and beef (and hanging out with people who are eating them all around you can't be easy!). Yep! I applied to a research position for this summer where I would get to go diving in the Red Sea, and though it's unlikely that I'll get the position, I would really enjoy it. Well, scholarships for current studies since I'm going to be financially indpendent soon. (Dude, me neither! Emoticons all the way! :D )

    It's awesome to hear you say that, because I think the same thing! I always dressed comfortably (and was henceforth made fun of for it when I was younger), but joke's on them--in college nobody cares about fashion, they just dress however they feel. Yeah, I get that it's now socially acceptable to wear whatever you want, but seeing that much skin exposed on girls or on guys makes me kinda uncomfortable XD
    It'll definitely be nice having another Ice Mega with a good ability, and at least it's really fast too. The power will definitely be annoying though. I think I stopped at 100 for Keldeo since I didn't care at all about going very far. It's possible I was also more interested in other things at the time though. I haven't touched Ampharos in forever, I just use Meowth grinding time for leveling things up these days. Usually when I reach max coins I just put the game away until new stuff comes out.

    The stages I still need to S rank are hopefully doable without too many items, I made sure to put in the effort on the ugly coin sinks right away for the most part. Still need to S rank both Rayquaza stages and Dodrio though, and those will definitely cost me a bit. I apparently already S ranked Probopass but I still need to catch it.
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