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Recent content by Dramatic Melody

  1. Dramatic Melody

    Featuring Wally [one-shot]

    For Wally Devine, The World Will Always Be His Cloyster by Russell Lee Alola’s Battle Tree is over 6,800 kilometers away from Petalburg City, the hometown of 22-year-old Wally Devine. But for the professional trainer, he didn’t think twice about accepting his current position as one of the...
  2. Dramatic Melody

    Featuring Wally [one-shot]

    *** Featuring Wally “Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be landing shortly. Please fasten your seatbelts and secure all loose items.” Finally, I almost said out loud. Eight hours in a plane was just as unpleasant as I thought it would be. Sure, it wasn’t as irritating as the traffic going in and...
  3. Dramatic Melody

    Last Trip of the Day [one-shot]

    Last Trip of the Day “Thanks for riding with Accel! Have a nice day!” He slammed the car’s door as his reply, and he rushed inside the building like his life depended on it. And, sure, it might have, seeing as he was dressed formally and he was tapping his phone incessantly throughout the...
  4. Dramatic Melody

    How do you convey a sense of emotional weight to the audience?

    I agree with canisaries and Kutie Pie that characterization, stakes, and atmosphere are very important in conveying emotion. I particularly like what canisaries said in how most of the effort made in conveying the emotion is done outside of the emotional scene itself. And I think part of why...
  5. Dramatic Melody

    In Beta

    When I was browsing through all the entries in the contest, this was the one I was most excited to read. Focusing on the creation of Porygon and all the moral issues surrounding it is such an interesting premise, and I think the fic really delivered in that regard. And Evan was a great...
  6. Dramatic Melody

    Pallete (Kanto Contest Entry)

    This reminded me a lot of “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Plasbad”, which is always a good thing! It had the same whimsy atmosphere to it, what with the bird trio each representing a certain trope. It was almost like they had the same personalities as their respective team leaders in Pokemon...
  7. Dramatic Melody

    Fame [Origins contest entry]

    Thank you for saying that! I admit, after writing “Unpacking” I’ve become even more intrigued with how I could create a story with only dialogue, and I’m glad creating this weird one-sided dialogue-only one-shot worked out for you! Funnily enough the ellipses were one of the things I focused on...
  8. Dramatic Melody

    Fame [Origins contest entry]

    Fame “C’mon, it’s no big deal. It’s not like you didn’t see this coming.” “... …?” “Don’t give me that. It isn’t called the Fame Checker coz it has a bunch of no-name trainers on it. You saw it for yourself—it has the gym leaders, the Elite Four, and other famous people like Gramps and Old...
  9. Dramatic Melody

    Hey, it's been a while! Thanks for the kind words on "Fame", I'm still so surprised by how it...

    Hey, it's been a while! Thanks for the kind words on "Fame", I'm still so surprised by how it did! I'm definitely gonna post it, but I'll be revising it first based on the judges' feedback. I'm aiming to post it within the next few weeks though! Congrats as well on your entry! I haven't found...
  10. Dramatic Melody

    Origins: A Kanto One-Shot Contest

    Huh, didn't expect this at all! Writing "Fame" was a really fun experience for me, so I'm more than honored to see it be received so well. Congrats to everyone else who entered (just browsing through the reviews I saw so many good plotlines!) and a big thank you to the judges for putting this...
  11. Dramatic Melody

    The Completed Fics Catalog

    Requesting to move these two one-shots here! Dear Liepard,, by Dramatic Melody A child writes more letters to her newly-returned Pokemon. Hurt/Comfort, Family Tags: one-shot, Unova, Liepard, Team Plasma Vito Winstrate, by Dramatic Melody A trainer mulls what to do next in his journey. Angst...
  12. Dramatic Melody

    2018 Fanfiction Awards - RESULTS

    I'm super late but aahhhh thank you for the love for "Dear Liepard," and "Vito Winstrate"! I had a great time writing both of them, so I'm really grateful for how they both did here. Congratulations to all the other winners and nominees!
  13. Dramatic Melody

    After Plasma [one-shot]

    Thank you! IMO the Team Plasma rift is one of the best conflicts that the games have ever come up with, and there's a lot to expand on from what was touched on in the games. And I love how you describe where the narrator is now because that's what I was going for, so it's awesome that you got...
  14. Dramatic Melody

    Pokémon grammar

    - I always capitalize Pokemon names. That's how I see it used in the games so I've just followed that. I don't see any issue with not capitalizing them though as long as it's consistent! I think I would say "potions and vitamins" but would then say "Full Restores and Zincs" with the same...
  15. Dramatic Melody

    After Plasma [one-shot]

    [This has some mild swearing so I'm rating this PG.] After Plasma “C’mon! Let’s have fun stealing Pokémon together, like we did before!” He looked tired, even moreso than two years ago. I couldn’t find that same passion in his eyes anymore—it was replaced by regret and helplessness. But I...