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Apr 11, 2011
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    1. The DragonKnight
    2. The DragonKnight
      The DragonKnight
      I'm good! school has me busy but i still have plenty of time to **** around on the internet for better or worse. edit: LOL i forgot about filters

      how have you been man?
    3. The DragonKnight
      The DragonKnight
      # highpitchsqueal
    4. Dragalge
    5. FairyWitch
      friendly reminder battle of the tapus tournament starts tomorrow try to make sure to contact a opponent team member for round one which i will list tommorow the day of who to battle at midnight tonight :) have fun :D
    6. FairyWitch
      hey saw you popped on the discord chat XD right after you left seems wecondo messaged yo XD but you all set you can chat right now most people afk lmfao
    7. FairyWitch
      yep that is important for friend requests which you should be able to join when you click on my link in the sig as a invite just click the invite and it should go directly to the chat...I have about 8 channels if I am correct which the general chat is the main chat there should be someone able to member you as a member not as a random person online.discord is far much better then xat and on top of it you can edit your posts so if you mess up lol
    8. FairyWitch
      hey drastic quick question we have a chat on discord and you haven't joined yet...do you have a discord account?
    9. KamenAeons
      But that means me paying attention!
    10. KamenAeons
      I'd join TEF but that means me actually... paying attention.
    11. KamenAeons
      I do the occasional randbat here and there for fun. Uni's kicking my teeth in as usual. Still got another two or so years to go. Otherwise, I just lurk TEF and other places, while working my way slowly away from ASB.
    12. Yellow De Viridian Grove
      Yellow De Viridian Grove
      Lol. Basically right after it started lol.
    13. KamenAeons
      Heya Drastic, haven't see you around for a while. Granted I'm like non-existent in comp now.
    14. Yellow De Viridian Grove
    15. QuoteMissy
      Ewwww SCHOOL!
    16. QuoteMissy
      And so are you! 'Sup dude? :p
    17. QuoteMissy
      Hahahaha! I remember that!
    18. Dragalge
      Dear person receiving this letter:

      Whatever you did to contribute to my experience these past five years, whether it was the Pokemon we traded, the amazing artwork you did for me, the jokes we came up with, the silly debates, or anything else, I want to say thank you for giving me the chance to be what I am today! To celebrate my five years of existence on SPPf, today I decided to do a throwback thing to my early days back in 2011. My avatar, signature, and everything else is a complete replica of what I was five years ago: An eater of Durant! You and about everyone gave me a truly unique experience I'll never forget and I'll return the favor by continuing on what I do best: To be a member of SPPf! Thank you for everything and may we all hope that poutine gets its popularity skyrocketed in the United States!

      Sincerely, Duranteater/your boss/YourPermanentRecord631/Dragalge

    19. FairyWitch
      alright I will remove you if you like since you haven't touch the 3ds in months :/ thanks for letting me know drastic if you ever want to reapply and feel like you get back in comp again we can welcome you back ;)
    20. Dragalge
      It's you! Yeah you! Hope you had a great New Years too. :p
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