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  • drastic man I can tell if you are online or not lmfao just giving a friendly remember I noticed you been inactive for some time with the flying gym of my league if you like to keep your position please post in the league otherwise I will have to open the spot up for applications ;)
    hey drastic another friendly reminder if you like to keep your position at the tef league please give me a response. I haven't seen you open up in awhile so double checking ^_^
    its fine just making sure haven't seen you open in awhile which trying to make sure all the leaders are still here for the job ;)
    hey drastic just checking up on you haven't seen you post opening flying gym in awhile so checking on seeing if your still intreasted with our flying gym leader. I am just doing my daily check ins with the leaders thats all.
    Oh, sure. Let me finish the battle I'm in and I'll see if I have you added and meet you online.
    Alright, I'll try to meet you around that time, you could PM me if I'm not on, usually those messages come to my phone. It may take time, but it does.
    hey drastic just wanted to let you know your accepted and welcome to the tef league :3 I will add you to the front soon which hopefully see you in the battling scene again soon ^_^ good luck and have fun with the tef league ;)
    Well best of luck on your journey to the world of college!

    I'm majoring in Computer Science and want to minor in Theatre Arts because I looove acting!
    Community College has tooken my time from me and I just want to finish so I can transfer to a full on university in the fall!
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