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  • I know what you mean, I have orientation 2morrow & I have to get up early for it so I'm gonna go hit the hay. Night!
    Well then don't have him fight, just have him feed George an excuse for talking to Avery that contains something with his & Avery's plan in it and then George will ask Avery's it it's true and she‘ll quickly cover it up, maybe stomp on Vyk's foot if he tries to object. Then once George leaves to wait on customers, Vyk questions Avery and she's forced to tell him the truth.
    Or, since everyone else is still finishing up conversations and what not, you could have him get into a little fight with George and let some little detail about their plans slip and Avery has to lie to cover up Vyk's slip up. Which then results in Avery having to explain everything to Vyk
    You might want to add the fact that Vyk wants to go battle Bonsai to your post, you know, so Avery has something to use to get him to help her. A carrot, of sorts, to dangle in front of his face.
    Well It was long but your such a good writer, i didn't even notice the length until i had finished reading it & had to scroll to the top of the post to check the spelling of something :X

    ^-^ yay! CC post! (Finally! XD patience is not a key virtue of mine)
    I read the Chapter! it was soooo long & weird & just plain funny!! (aka I really liked it ^-^)
    Alright, sounds like a plan :) And let me know if you ever need a second pair of eyes to proof read anything. As I said in CSHC, typos are a pet peeve of mine (especially when they're my own posts Xp)
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