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  • So, basically what you're saying is that, as the story progresses the title will make more sense?

    Oh, I understand. See, I've done this style of RP before but I always tend to leave the ends of my posts ambiguous for other people to respondto them/jump in as they please no matter what style of Rp I'm doing ^-^ Well, at least I think I do.
    *blinks* ...well okay then. I have yet to see how exactly it fits but you're the writer so I'll just trust you on that one.

    I think your writing style fits it just fine. How would you change it?
    Really? I knew it was going to be like that from the begining X)

    Yeah, having two days to do homework is nice, but the classes are 80 mins long xp
    hahaha :) ur lucky, all my classes are hard this year XP But I only have 3 a day so I'll make it work some how X)
    Lol, nah, thats guys I got many friends on here that I talk to quite a lot <3 Plus if you add around 50, people stalk your pro quite a lot
    Tomorrow? Ouch! I start on the first september, but I guess your summer starts before ours too. And yeah, my teachers aren't so nice about late work xD
    Easy mistake :p

    Don't worry, I'm procrastinating loads too atm - haven't even started school work that was supposed to be done months ago >.<
    I'm sure you have/will have more if you stick to it :)

    And I used to watch it more when I was younger, and haven't in a while. It could be something I look into again maybe :3
    I see what you mean, but I think half of it is just the amusement factor from trolls and the like xD I like gpd too though :')

    and have you written any fan fic then? or? ;o
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