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  • haha no worries, i'm more of a lurker, saw your thingy, figured you seem nice enough and you're newish like me sooo. I'm not a creeper, I swear :p
    Okay, posted. And I'm having Avery try a different approach to try and manipulate Vyk. *glances around with an evil smirk on face*
    Well, Avery thankfully can see that. But instead of just riding him off as a complete creep and slapping him upside the face, for trying to hit on her, she's gonna see if he can be of any use to her and maybe even put him in his place a little bit (; I'm working on a reply that I'm gonna try to post tonight then I'm passing out XP if u wanna hit the sack be my guest cuz I might be a while...
    hahaha, so true :) hey, did you ever decide how your gonna have Vyk approach Avery? or are you just not gonna tell me to build up suspense/because you don't know yet?
    I can't either :) ...well I mean I can, but the stuff I write when I don't listen to music always seems...blah :p
    *nods* True, true, but Lady G isn't exactly quiet now is she?

    Hey, you got your writer's mojo/spirit/whatever back in you yet? O.O
    no she's not insane, it's all just an act...but Schizo would make for good publicity so I wouldn't put it past her o_O

    Thanks, and well, when you said 'blaze of glory' and the song poped into my head 8P and yeah, she is good, but some of her songs just make me say "What the hell was she thinking?"
    I start summer sooner too, like this past year my last day was May 31st :)

    "I'm on the edge...of glory!! And I'm hanging on a moment with you. I'm on the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge, THE EDGE! I'm on the edge with you!" ...^-^ sorry i had too XPXPXP
    Monday?? Really? Gee, I'm sorry that sucks... :(

    Yeah, dieing this early would just be really pathetic...no offence Xb although, with Vyk's training and all, he actually might stand a chance =) ...although, TBG would probably just kill him anyway XD
    Ah, I hate school essay's too Xb thankfully I don't start until the 22nd so I still have time to finish stuff (for me it's summer reading but I only have half a book left :D yay me!)

    Oh and TBG gave our plan the thumbs up so we're ready to rock and roll :) although he informed me that despite what the HG/SS game map shows [the map I was going off of], Pallet is actually not a port city so Vyk couldn't have sailed there anyway Xb
    Agreed :) But you know, rethinking our little plan for PCC, I'm thinking that we should tell TheBlackGlove that we have something planned (but not give him to many details unless he asks) because if he's creating a plot, he might want to form it around our plan...so, do ya think we should tell him, or just let whatever happens happen?
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