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  • No. I was merely pointing out the rules to a new person. You just overreacted.
    Stop making pointless assumptions. I never tried to start an argument. I don't feel like I have power. I have friends, I do play sport and I do well at school.
    Don't make personal assumptions about someone you have never met. Just because you'll never meet me in real life doesn't mean you can act this way.
    Yah, alot of them.....Brits too

    If you wanna drop by games there are lots of things to, it's pretty cool, I spend the majority of my time there
    Hi I see your a new guy! Welcome!
    But I do see that you have been argueing with many people to an extent some would call flaming, so you should probably cool it down before you are warned by a mod or even banned
    I'm deleting your comments 'cos you are anunintelligent ignoramous who can't seem to take good advice.
    Stop blaming your Dyslexia.

    That is offensive to people with actual Dyslexia.
    Your spelling is atrocious.
    Plus, this is getting boring.

    If you want the truth, I murdered my parents.
    Good night.
    All I did was tell you to not feed the troll

    What are you, 10?
    Learn better insults, little boy.
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